SlickEdit for Windows 2017 (Build v22.0.0)

Integriert die Unterstützung für Visual Studio 2017 und 3 neue Sprachen; Scala, Rust und Less.
November 09, 2017 - 11:53
Neue Version


Scala Support

  • Color Coding.
  • Context Tagging.
  • Beautifier.
  • Smart editing features including beautify while typing.
  • Project support.
  • SBT build support.

Rust Support

  • Color Coding
  • Smart editing features including smart indenting, syntax expansion, dynamic surround, and SmartPaste.
  • Multi file and single file Project support.
  • Directly open existing Cargo.toml files and a SlickEdit workspace/project will automatically be created.
  • Debugging
    • SlickEdit's integrated GDB debugger is used on Linux.
    • On Windows, SlickEdit supports launching Visual Studio .
    • On macOS SlickEdit's LLDB debugger is used.

Less Support

  • Color Coding
  • Context Tagging(TM)
  • Smart editing features including smart indenting and SmartPaste(TM)

Improved JavaScript Support

  • Support for new ES6 features
    • Color Coding
    • Symbol Coloring
    • Context Tagging
    • Beautifier/Smart editing, including beautify while typing
  • Improved JSON beautifier support.

Improved CSS Support

  • Improved Color Coding.
  • Improved Context Tagging.
    • Comma delimited selectors are tagged separately.

Visual Basic Beautifier

  • Now SlickEdit's best in class beautifiers have come to Visual Basic. This includes the fine grained control of your source code that all SlickEdit beautifiers offer.

Appearance Enhancements

  • New Dark Theme
    • Overrides operating system theming
  • New large icon size options for hi-res small screens (i.e 4k <=17" notebooks)
  • Four new edit window dark background color profiles
  • Edit window color profiles are categorized into light and dark for easier selection
  • Improved many of the edit window color samples
  • When editing a color coding profile, click on a color coding element in any edit window to select that element
  • Replaced color chooser dialog with Qt color chooser dialog and enabled ability to save custom colors.
  • New Toolbar and Tool Window Icons
    • New Extra-Large size option for toolbar icons.
    • New size options for tool window tab icons and tool window tree/list bitmaps
    • Default icon set uses low-color simplified bitmaps to make toolbars less visually distracting
    • Six toolbar icon styles to choose from, including two-tone and monochrome icon themes
    • Icons automatically adapt to application theme dark background color.
    • Improved alpha-channel blending for smoother rendering of toolbar and tool window icons.
    • Improved tool window options and toolbar customization dialogs.

New More Powerful Color Coding Engine

  • Support for regular expressions. Begin/end constructs may be defined with tagged expression replacements in the end.
  • Support for adding custom embedded language constructs
  • Support for multiple levels of embedded language
  • Support for specifying nested color coding elements. For example, define keywords which are only recognized inside a specific comment.
  • Add XML literal color coding support with a simple check box (like Scala and Visual Basic)
  • String constructs much more configurable. No longer limited to a small set of predefined constructs.
  • Improved numeric color coding support including configurable suffixes, hexadecimal floating point, digit separator, and more. Can also add custom regular expressions.
  • Added more color coding elements to improve color coding for CSS and Markdown.


  • Symbol completion (using Ctrl+Space) now supports several styles of symbol correction for common typographical errors.
    • Transposed characters. For example, Ctrl+Space after "Exceptoin" will replace the symbol with "Exception".
    • Missing characters. For example, Ctrl+Space after "termnater" will replace the symbol with "terminator".
    • Duplicated characters. For example, Ctrl+Space after "strcppy" will replace the symbol with "strcpy".
  • Separate Symbol Properties tool window and Symbol Arguments tool window.
  • Added option to restrict symbol matches to current workspace or current project for Go to Definition.

Backup History

  • Backup History file format changed to improve performance and reduce disk space.
  • Support for backing up larger files (Default is now 20MB).
  • Large files being backed up will save faster.
  • Backup History dialog starts faster.
  • Most recent backup file is stored separate from the backup archive which allows you to view and diff it more easily.
  • By default, Backup History data is now stored in the unversioned config directory (parent of versioned config directory). This means if you delete your versioned config directory, you won't be deleting your backup history. Also, future versions of SlickEdit will be able to share the same backup history files.

Project Support

  • Support for opening Visual Studio 2017 solutions.
  • Added ability to configure different beautifier profiles for different source trees. For example, if you want c:\source to use different beautifier profile settings than your default, create a .seeditorconfig.xml file using Tools>Beautify>Beautifier Profile Overrides...

New File System Support

  • Support for reading .gz files without decompressing them first.
  • Added "Decompress .gz files on open" option. On by default for new configs but will be off for upgraded configs.
  • Support for listing and reading files in .tar files. Only supports newer tar format.
  • When multi-file searching, the "Look in zip/word/excel files" check box also supports .tar and .gz files.

Options Dialog

  • Speed of searching in options dialog greatly improved.
  • Added "Restore Default Options..." button to Export/Import Options in Options dialog.
  • Added ability to collapse navigation panel of Options dialog to save space.


  • Added support for key bindings using Windows shift key combinations for Ubuntu.

Mini Find and Replace dialog

  • Ctrl+Tab can be used to switch between find and replace dialogs
  • Added Keep Matching Lines feature (like keep-search command). Deletes all lines that do not contain the search string.
  • Added Delete Matching Lines feature (like delete-search command). Deletes all lines that contain the search string.


  • Added ability to create static constants (static const) which are local to the current module.
  • Added _metadata keyword to indicate that enumerated type should be stored in the state file and allow introspection.
  • Renamed "boolean" keyword to "bool" for more consistency with C++. Deprecated "boolean".
  • Pedantic error checking is now more strict with bool types and enumerated types.
  • Added new properties "p_x_extent" and "p_y_extent" to reflect the right-hand and bottom position of controls.
  • Added support for named arguments in function calls.

Regular Expression Enhancements

  • Performance improved (12x-16x) for maximal and minimal matching of character sets.
  • Added support for subroutines that can be called multiple times. For example, "(?(DEFINE) (?<foo>[a-z]+))(?&foo)(?&foo)".


  • Improved speed of multi-file diff by using raw file I/O for first pass fast compare.
  • Added symbol mapping to Source Diff to make it possible to configure Diff to treat minor changes, such as a renamed symbol, as a whitespace change.

Find and Replace

  • Multi-file search with color coding options specified now supports threading and is up to 15x faster.

Version Control

  • Automatic version control detection for Git and Subversion files.
  • Set version control system globally, per workspace, or per project. You can also set it for a workspace and then supercede it for a project or set of projects.


  • Added "Beautify line when reindent" feature. When on, beautifies the line when the Tab key reindents the line. This option is only supported by languages that support the beautify while typing feature. This feature is great for beautifying the current line when the beautify while typing feature doesn't get automatically triggered (i.e. you haven't typed a semicolon or other beautifier trigger key).
  • Ctrl+WheelUp/WheelDown set to decrease/increase font size by default.
  • Pad-Enter can now be bound to a different command than the standard Enter key.
  • Automatic mapping for Pad-keys to their equivalents when necessary. That way, there is no need for mode specific key bindings for keys like Pad-Star and Pad-Slash which are problematic.
  • Define color coding elements which get spell checked when you turn on "Spell checking while typing".
  • Added shift left and shift right (<< >>) buttons to calculator.
  • Calculator form is now resizable.
  • Added alias escape sequence (%\|) for creating multiple cursors when expanding an alias.
SlickEdit Visual Basic Beautifier.

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