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CUBA Studio 6.7.2

Verwalten Sie mehrere Repositorys in Ihrem Projekt.
November 14, 2017 - 11:59
Neue Version


  • Repository Configuration - Now Studio can manage multiple repositories in your project. The repository configuration dialog is split into two sections. The first section contains the list of repositories known to Studio, with their URLs and credentials. The second section contains repositories selected for the current project. You can add and remove items in this list using the Use in the project and Remove from the project buttons.
  • Screen Layout Designer - The screen layout designer has acquired new functionality. First, Undo and Redo actions can be invoked using the icon buttons in the top left corner: The designer now analyzes the screen layout on save and reports about possible issues.
  • Entity Designer
  • Previously, the @OnDelete and @OnDeleteInverse annotations were only used at runtime when processing soft deleted entities. Now you can define the @OnDeleteInverse annotation for a reference to a hard deleted entity, and Studio will create an appropriate on delete clause for the foreign key in the database.
  • Using the Hide properties link at the top of the entity designer, you can collapse the entity properties panel and give more vertical space to the list of attributes. In the collapsed state, the link changes its title and shows the entity name.
  • If the entity class implements system interfaces like Creatable or Versioned itself (i.e. it does not extend StandardEntity), it contains appropriate fields: createTs, createdBy and so on. Now Studio shows them in the attributes table, and you can arrange them using the Up/Down buttons.
  • The Studio entity designer can create method-based non-persistent attributes. If you select Transient checkbox and deselect Create field, the attribute becomes read-only.
  • For reference attributes, the attribute type field contains a button that allows you to navigate to the linked entity.
  • View Designer - New search capability allows you to quickly find attributes by name.
Screen Layout Designer.

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