CRD 7.8 Build 20200318

Integriert eine Funktion zum massenhaften Aktualisieren aller E-Mail-Adressen für die Terminplanung.
March 19, 2020 - 9:58
Neue Version


  • Added the ability to mass update all schedule email address.


  • Embedding a Hyperlink in the email body of a Single Schedule does not work as expected.
  • Importing Address Book from Exchange Server does not work as expected.
  • Updating runtimes does not work as expected.
  • Emails are timing out sooner than expected.
  • Import Task buttons are not visible in Event based and Dynamic Schedules.
  • 'Last Working Day' option in scheduling skips current Month.
  • Monthly Frequency option not being displayed in Schedule Properties correctly.
  • Schedule History does not show User ID for "events" occurring from the process watcher.
Update all schedule email address


Automatisiertes Planen und Bereitstellen von Crystal Reports.

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