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JavaScript Bridge für Xamarin.Forms.
Juni 22, 2020 - 7:37
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  • Write TSX instead of XAML.
  • Small application download size.
  • Dynamic Module Loading from web.
  • Reuse existing NuGet components by exposing via services.
  • Host JavaScript on the server with instant updates to apps.
  • No native compilation needed unless you add/modify native services written in C#.
  • MVVM Pattern - ViewModel and Services in TypeScript for Xamarin.Forms.
  • View in TSX (JSX).
  • One time, one way, two way binding.
  • Simple dependency injection.
  • Simple internationalization using dependency injection.
  • Simple unit tests.
  • Easy HTTP Rest API.
  • Design time mocks.
  • Use Microsoft Visual Studio Code to build Xamarin.Forms Apps.
  • Line of Business Controls for Xamarin.Forms.
Web Atoms

Web Atoms

JavaScript Bridge für Xamarin.Forms.

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