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SharePoint AMS joins ComponentSource

Build custom SharePoint Forms in 15 seconds with SharePoint Form Web Part.
Mai 26, 2011 - 0:00

SharePoint Form Web Part is loaded with features which provide you with an easy to use, yet very powerful SharePoint form building solution. Start putting new forms on your SharePoint pages minutes after you download. SharePoint Form Web Part lets you quickly add forms to SharePoint pages. Submits to any SharePoint list type (even custom lists). SharePoint Form Web Part now supports all Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Language Packs.

SharePoint Form Web Part – Saves Time & Money

With SharePoint Form Web Part you should be able to make/add a new form to your SharePoint page in 15 seconds or less. Adding a form to a SharePoint page doesn’t have to be a big deal. This time saving web part will pay for itself after the very first use. SharePoint Form Web Part eliminates the necessity for costly custom development and does away with the need for InfoPath and SharePoint Designer work. Just drop the SharePoint Form Web Part on to the page and move on. You can use the SharePoint Form Web Part for an unlimited number of forms, unlimited number of reasons and with unlimited possibilities.

Here’s just a few examples for using SharePoint Form Web Part:

  • Vacation Request Forms
  • Help Desk Forms
  • Feedback Forms
  • Contact Forms
  • Sign-Up Forms
  • Job Application Forms
  • Speaker Submission Forms
  • Subscription Forms
  • Build Wizards using multiple SharePoint Form Web Parts
  • Polls
  • Opt-in’s
  • Comments
  • Ticket Entry Forms
  • Project Task Entry Forms
  • Inventory Entry Forms

SharePoint Form Web Part Benefits:

  • Quickly add forms to SharePoint pages
  • Submits to ANY SharePoint list type (even custom lists)
  • Landing Page – You can optionally provide a URL to be used as a Landing Page for users after they use your form. Users will be automatically redirected to the Landing Page you specify (any URL will work, doesn’t even have to be a SharePoint site)
  • Thank You Text – Optionally provide the text to be displayed to users after they use your form. Examples: “Thank you for requesting information”, “Thank you for providing feedback”, “Thank you for subscribing”, “Your vacation request has been submitted”, “Your expense report has been submitted”, “Thank you for signing up”, “We’ll see you at the meeting!”, “Thank you for being awesome!”, etc
  • Allow Attachments – Optionally allow users to attach files to their form submissions
  • Easily pass information from your new form to ANY Landing Page. You tell the SharePoint Form Web Part which fields you wish to pass to your Landing Page – it will automatically append them to your Landing Page URL as parameters. This is in addition to posting the information to a SharePoint list
  • Submit Button Text – Optionally control the text on the Submit Button (example, change it to say “Send” or “Add” or “Go”, etc…)
  • Cancel Button – Optionally display a Cancel Button
  • Cancel Button Text – If you want to use a Cancel Button, you can control the text on it (example, change it to say “Abort” or “Forget This” or “Nevermind”, etc…)
  • Cancel Button Landing Page URL – Optionally specify a Landing Page URL to redirect users if they click your Cancel Button (if you even want to use a Cancel Button)
  • Replace the Submit Button with an image of your choice
  • Replace the Cancel Button with an image of your choice
  • Replace the Submit Button with HTML of your choice
  • Replace the Cancel Button with HTML of your choice
  • Control the Look & Feel using industry standard CSS
  • Multilingual compatibility for all 40 Microsoft Language Packs

About SharePoint AMS

SharePoint AMS are committed to creating a great product. Not a good product. Not an okay product. Their goal is to provide every organization (big or small) with the opportunity to make an affordable investment in high-quality software that becomes an asset to it in the years ahead (instead of a liability).

SharePoint AMS joins ComponentSource
Adding Smart Form Web Part to SharePoint page.

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