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Event Calendar Plus released

Classify event types by color and attach tasks to them.
April 24, 2012 - 11:02

Event Calendar Plus supports several different view types including Compact View designed for crowded homepages. Associated tasks can be shown graphically and managed directly from the calendar.


  • Combine multiple data sources on one calendar view
  • Connect to SharePoint lists, Exchange calendars and custom databases
  • Shows events in daily, weekly and monthly view
  • Shows events in compact monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly view
  • Customizable event title field, including field combination
  • Color-coding of events by data source and category
  • Presents event title, start hour and location
  • Shows additional fields on mouse hover
  • Integrated Gantt view
  • Can be placed on any web part page
  • Supports Associated Tasks
  • Supports any database using ODBC
  • Supports MS Exchange calendars, including older versions
  • New events can be created in any data source directly from the calendar
  • Cross-browser support
  • Localization into English, French, German and Spanish

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A calendar created with Event Calendar Plus.

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