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SharePoint Alerts with Conditions and Templates

Avoid inbox overload by sending alerts dependent on conditions.
April 24, 2012 - 11:03

Smart Alert Pro sends you only the alerts you need in the format that is the easiest for you to use. Send reminders according to a value in a column to any user, internal or external.


  • Send alerts only when conditions apply e.g. time of day
  • Customize alert messages
  • Seamless integration into the SharePoint UI
  • Attach files to alerts
  • Integrates with Smart List Pro tab conditions
  • Images and image column values are sent as embedded attachments
  • Optionally sends alerts as SMS (SharePoint 2010 only)
  • Centralized managements by administrator
  • Send alerts to any user, internal or external
  • Send reminders according to a value in a column
  • Alerts generated outside business hours can be postponed until the next business day
  • FROM field is configurable for each alert
  • Administrator can block some features if desired
  • Localized into English, French, German and Spanish

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Infowise, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, is a leading provider of comprehensive add-on solutions for Microsoft SharePoint platforms. Infowise products are a direct result of years of Knowledge Management experience and innovative development approaches. The company was established in 2005 and is privately held.

Smart Alert Pro integrated into SharePoint.

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