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CADMAI Releases

March 10, 2015

Updates in 4.7

  • Improved import and export for Obj formats.
  • Transfer entity names during step import.
  • Support for the 3MF format used in 3D printing.
January 10, 2014

Updates in 4.6

  • API access to polygon values of solid edges.
  • WebGL-Publisher exporting of layer, click-actions and animations.
  • Support for step assemblies during import.
August 19, 2013

Updates in 4.5.1

  • Support for standard views.
  • Select solid faces and edges.
  • Support for STL models.
  • Export changed entities only.
  • Calculate changed actions only.
  • Name an action using the set_previous_action_name command.
  • New action to create a polygon.
  • Korean help.
February 17, 2012

Updates in 4.4

WPF Control

  • Open, modify and save local CADMAI models
  • Download CADMAI models from Web URLs
  • Open standard CAD formats and mesh models (e.g. Step, Iges, DXF, Wavefront, 3D Studio Max, etc)
  • Steer the models using CADMAI relation management
  • Import and export data
  • Interact graphically (e.g. dynamic rotation)
  • Start CADMAI animations

XAML Export

  • 3D CADMAI models can be exported to XAML format and can be used as standard WPF 3D model content (MeshGeometry3D).
November 01, 2011

Updates in 4.3

  • Unicode Support - UNICODE characters can be used in the UI, in graphic windows, for CADMAI entities (Texts Symbols,Dimensions) and for model file names.
  • Korean UI - Korean language resources have been added.
  • Component mating - Components can now be re positioned and/or re oriented using mating actions.
  • Font support - CADMAI now supports the definition of different fonts in a model (based on the installed Windows fonts). These fonts can be used to draw text content in the graphic...
June 17, 2011

Updates in 4.2.1

  • CADMAI Web Browser Plugin now supports Firefox 4 and Google Chrome 12
  • Bug fixes
May 05, 2011

Updates in 4.2

2D UI Objects
Version 4.2 introduces a new type of basic objects which support the design of 2D user interfaces.
These UI objects can be used in combination with the geometric objects (lines, solids,...) and non geometric objects (layer, variables,...)

The following UI objects are currently available:

  • 2D buttons
  • Images
  • 2D Text

These 2D UI objects are stored in a CADMAI model and are presented parallel to the 3D objects. This technology can be used to create user interfaces which...

November 05, 2010

Updates in 4.1

  • New actions for component placement
    Components can be positioned additionally to 3D points and to user coordinate systems. The target points / coordinate systems can be categorized to restrict the placement of components to specific positions. After positioning, the components can be translated or rotated by additional actions. The origin, the orientation and the category can be defined for a CADMAI model, which steers the component placement of this model. Additionally a solid...