Über Drill Down Visuals for Power BI

Verbessern Sie Ihre Power BI-Erfahrung mit nahtlosen Drilldown-und Drillup-Aktionen.

Drill Down Visuals for Power BI provide you with more data in less space. The Visuals provide smooth animations for every interaction which leads to a better understanding of data navigation. All this makes your Microsoft Power BI experience much more productive.

Key features for custom visuals:

  • More Control - Seamless, animated and always-on drill-down and drill-up provides you with new and intuitive ways of navigating the data.
  • More Efficiency - With unlimited drill-down, drill-up and ?ne tune zoom functions you will be able to explore multiple data dimensions in one visual.
  • More Customization - Customize every part of the custom visual to ?t your exact use-case and your companies visual style.

Drill Down Visuals for Power BI includes Network, Timeline, Donut, Pie, Column, Line & Area charts and many more.