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InstallAware Studio Admin X7

December 22, 2017

Updates in X7


  • Suite Installer Wizard - Merge any number of setups into one global suite installer, with feature binding support.
  • Dialog Editor with Undo/Redo - Instantly recover from mistakes while experimenting with your own setup themes.
  • Large Memory Model - Never run out of memory during setup extractions, or while packing your installations.
  • Download and Run Wizard - Link to third party servers when downloading application runtimes from the web.
  • Windows Component Installer - 100% visual configuration for all Windows and Server operating system built-in features.
  • Command Line VM Testing - Fully scriptable, unattended VM unit-testing to scale your build automation/continuous integration.
  • Code Completion and Search - Accelerate your scripting and find the commands you need quickly in the revamped InstallAware IDE.
  • VBScript, JavaScript - Call COM objects to exponentially grow your setup capabilities, leverage millions of online scripts.