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Kellerman .NET SFTP Library

Kellerman .NET SFTP Library supports public key authentication and private key authentication using passphrases. Both OpenSSH and Putty formats can be used and Proxy servers are also supported. The .NET SFTP Library excels at handling intermittent network connections it resumes automatically if the connection fails. The library can calculate the time difference between two servers asnd perform an ultra fast directory tree synchronization. Other libraries use the file size, which could actually miss updated files with the same size. The .NET SFTP component can be used in Winform, or ASP.NET applications. The library can be used with any .NET language including VB.NET and C#.

Kellerman .NET SFTP Library Features

  • Secure - Transfer files securely using public keys or private keys with passphrases. Both RSA and DSA keys in OpenSSH or Putty format are supported.
  • Easy to Use - The .NET SFTP component includes a full GUI SFTP client. Source code is provided in both VB.NET and in C#.
  • Asynchronous/Synchronous Operation - Files and entire directories can be transferred asynchronously or synchronously.
  • Rich Events - Detailed progress and completion events for asynchronous...

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Kellerman .NET SFTP Library released
Kellerman .NET SFTP Library released
Transfer files securely using public or private keys with passphrases.
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