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MaintainJ is a run time reverse engineering tool for Java applications which automatically generates UML class and sequence diagrams for a use case at run time. MaintainJ reduces the effort required to document Java applications and also helps users understand and analyze complex Java applications. The user friendly sequence diagrams generated by MaintainJ show the runtime interaction between different classes of a Java application. The SQL calls made while executing the use case are also displayed. You can trace applications running on a single JVM or on multiple JVM's and view the end-to-end call trace in a single sequence diagram.

Reverse Engineer Java Like Never Before
MaintainJ is the tool to turn to when you want to:

  • Find out what exactly happens when you run a use case
  • Generate interactive sequence diagram from call trace
  • Reduce the bug fix and release cycle time of your applications
  • Document your applications in minutes

The following are the three steps you need to do to generate diagrams:

Step 1 - Instrument Code
This step changes class files at runtime. No changes are done to the source files nor are any changes...

Aktuelle Neuigkeiten

MaintainJ 4.2.0 improves Searching
MaintainJ 4.2.0 improves Searching
New version improves how analysis search results are displayed.
MaintainJ adds Response Time Tuning Capabilities
MaintainJ adds Response Time Tuning Capabilities
Locate and filter by methods with slow response times.
Understand and Document Complex Java applications
Understand and Document Complex Java applications
MaintainJ is a reverse engineering tool which automatically generates UML and sequence diagrams.

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MaintainJ license is locked to the computer name. After purchasing the license, if you change the computer or need to use MaintainJ on both personal and office computers, please contact us and we will...

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