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Protection PLUS Internet Edition Bewertungen

I've looked at what they have to offer, and I was astounded about what I can do. With their "Internet" version and one of their other server products, I am able to do more than I even expected. I was a little wary at first, since their website and documentation is lacking some. All the information is there that I needed, but it was hard to track down. This is when I found out their technical support is awesome. Their tech lead was willing to step me through everything that I wanted to do, and how to get it working with my program. He spent most of the week talking me through everything, and how to setup every last detail. I was able to get the online unlocking with their solo service up and running in a week, along with implementing everything into my program. I am now able to give my customers the licensing information that they need to unlock my software on their computer at the time of the online purchase. I can even turn off licenses remotely, if the customer wants a refund. I’ve even been able to setup the ability to download the update of my software through the program itself!!! All of this for half of what other companies are offering. Trust me, you can’t go wrong with these guys.
Justin Heasman - Office Mobile Solutions Ltd.
Very easy to install and use. Easily added to our suite of software written in Delphi 5. Makes copy protection a doddle! I would recommend this product to anyone wanting to protect their software from piracy. Highly Recommended!