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Protection PLUS Professional Edition Bewertungen

United Kingdom
A VERY powerful product with quite a steep learning curve. Don't be put off. Invest a few hours and read the manual and you'll soon be up and running. We're all used to diving in without reading instructions, but this is worth the effort and worth the price. A product that will do as much or as little as you want. 110% happy that we bought it. Only downside is that the manual appears to have been written by a programmer. Recommended.
Protection Plus is simply a very useful tool set for securing your application. It is loaded with a lot of useful options that make customizing it to meet your specific needs a reliable reality. Beware this is not an easy product to learn and it can be overwhelming. The good news is that their technical support is excellent. They were very quick to pick up on my initial frustrations, had me call in, and in very short order I was on the right track. They are also very good about responding quickly. We have used this with 100's of our customers and my only regret is we didn't use it sooner. The only negative I have had is that I wish it could detect a Citrix environment in a more straight forward manner. But this you can get around if it's an issue.
I downloaded their trial and was completely overwhelmed. There are around 70-100 functions! I read through the quickstart in their manual and still was having trouble grasping how everything tied together. While I don't mind email support I was in a time crunch so I gave them a call. Within 10 minutes they had me understanding the concepts. We have two versions of our product, a single-user and a network implementation. I used their wrapper for the single user and was up and running in under 10 minutes - no coding! Unfortunately, their wrapper does not support network licensing so I had to implement their library. I had some special cases I needed to handle and I was floored that their tech support offered to create a sample app and send it to me with the implementation I needed. I've got to say they are a first-rate company to go the extra mile. We already had our own eCommerce provider, but we wanted to use their online activation system. They had a few options such as purchasing a licensing system to run on our servers or using their licensing server they host. We went with the latter option and have not regretted it. I'm able to easily login to our account and create licenses, run reports, and turn on or off licenses. These guys have a great product, but it is a bit overwhelming at first. I'm surprised I just stumbled across them and they are not as well-known as some of the other big-boys. I highly recommend them - be sure to use their tech support as they are very helpful and got me up to speed quickly.