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Resco MobileBusiness ESP

Resco MobileBusiness ESP is a Microsoft Visual Studio prototype that allows developers to easily build mobile business applications, such as Sales Force Automation or Field Service. Applications created with the Resco MobileBusiness ESP can be used on a variety of Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs and Smartphone devices. Resco MobileBusiness ESP allows the user to manage business related information such as customers, contacts, products, services, orders and business meetings. Resco MobileBusiness ESP includes Mobile Client, Web Service Data Synchronization, and Web Client. Resco MobileBusiness ESP is a complex solution supplied with Resco MobileForms Toolkit for easy customization. All Resco MobileBusiness ESP Editions (MobileBusiness ESP Professional and MobileBusiness ESP Enterprise) include 1 Year subscription to download new versions, updates, upgrades, fixes and support. Resco MobileBusiness ESP Renewals are also available.

Resco MobileBusiness ESP is fully integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio and most of the functionality is offered together with C# source code. This way developers can take advantage of the familiar development environment and easily customize the resulting mobile application to meet customer specific needs and integrate it into existing data structures.

Resco MobileBusiness ESP Target User
Although the solution can be used by any mobile application developer, it is most suitable for ERP/CRM...


Aktuelle Neuigkeiten

Resco MobileBusiness adds Tablet client
Resco MobileBusiness adds Tablet client
New tablet PC application runs on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 tablet PCs.
Resco Ultimate Subscription released
Resco Ultimate Subscription released
Contains all Resco Enterprise Solutions Prototypes and MobileForms Toolkit plus support and updates.

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