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SQL Schema Sync API - Professional

SQL Schema Sync API is a component designed to automatically synchronize database structure. SQL Schema Sync API can integrate directly into applications and installation of additional software on the client side or development of patches is not required. The component is compatible with applications of any type: Win, Web, Console, Service, and WPF. SQL Schema Sync API provides developers with the ability to create the database structure programmatically, for example, based on business objects structure. Support for LINQ to SQL object model is provided. Full source code is available in the Professional edition. The component is developed for SQL Server 2005/2008 and contains only managed code.

SQL Schema Sync API - Automatic database synchronization.
Making changes to the database structure is one of the most tedious and routine operations a developer of corporate applications faces. The necessity for frequent updates considerably delays implementation of the project.

Existing tools do not solve this problem to the full extent, as most cases demand manual work, installation of expensive software for the synchronization of databases on the client side as well as development of patches...

Aktuelle Neuigkeiten

SQL Schema Sync API released
SQL Schema Sync API released
New version adds full support for MS SQL Server 2008 and wider data type support.

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