Web Atoms

Web Atoms is set of powerful tools (NuGet packages, NPM packages) to build native cross platform Xamarin Forms apps with JavaScript. It comes with debugging capabilities, ready to use business controls and production code push (production hot reload). It provides a JavaScript debugger, JavaScript engine and JSX syntax support for XAML. It offers Simple Dependency Injection along with MVVM framework making the transition from C# + XAML very easy. It also has a simple design time mocking framework that allows you to test/debug individual UI components.

Web Atoms Features

  • Write TSX instead of XAML.
  • Small application download size.
  • Dynamic Module Loading from web.
  • Reuse existing NuGet components by exposing via services.
  • Host JavaScript on the server with instant updates to apps.
  • No native compilation needed unless you add/modify native services written in C#.
  • MVVM Pattern - ViewModel and Services in TypeScript for Xamarin.Forms.
  • View in TSX (JSX).
  • One time, one way, two way binding.
  • Simple dependency injection.
  • Simple internationalization using...

Aktuelle Neuigkeiten

Web Atoms 1.6.239
Web Atoms 1.6.239
Integriert die Unterstützung für die folgenden neuen Plattformen hinzu: UWP, macOS, Tizen und GTK.
Web Atoms veröffentlicht
Web Atoms veröffentlicht
JavaScript Bridge für Xamarin.Forms.

Preise ab: $ 391.02

The software is licensed per application for a specific platform. An unlimited number of developers can develop same application. You may make copies on more than one computer, as long as the software...

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Web Atoms
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  • Microsoft Visual Studio Code
  • TSLint extension
  • NodeJS with NPM