WebEssentials includes: WebListBox and WebSlidingMenu, Web navigation controls engineered to help you unclutter and organize the most confusing of navigation systems. Using text, images, or both, WebListBox allows you to build vertical navigators. A rich set of predefined themes provides an endless variety of choices bound to suit every website. You can also easily build sophisticated hierarchical navigation systems with WebSlidingMenu. WebAccordion is a collapsible content panel featuring a modern minimalist style and smooth expand/collapse animation. WebCalendar provides a fast, convenient way to navigate by date and select dates and date ranges. The versatile WebSlider lets users interactively select a number or range of numbers.

WebEssentials Features the following components:


  • Business-oriented Design - Engineered with business-oriented design in mind, WebRibbon delivers a balanced combination of features and usability. It features application menu, tabs, groups and fluent resizing.
  • Rich Ribbon Elements - Numerous built-in ribbon elements to accelerate your development. From the basic command button, dropdown button, split button, toggle button to the advanced application menu.
  • Adaptive Layout with Fluent...

Aktuelle Neuigkeiten

WebEssentials adds Ribbon control
WebEssentials adds Ribbon control
December 9, 2011Veröffentlichung mit neuen Funktionen
Provides a user experience that users familiar with Office 2010 will recognize.
Add visual effects to your RIAs
Add visual effects to your RIAs
October 7, 2010Pressemitteilung
Intersoft Solutions Corporation's WebEssentials includes eight user interface components for Rich Internet Applications.

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One software license is required per Developer. Run-time royalty free. Important - Please note that this software requires Activation and that before you can distribute this software you will need to...

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