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    Beschreibung: Manage tasks and dependencies with Microsoft Project XML schema support. DlhSoft Project Management Services is a Cloud API for HTTP Web clients. It helps provides complex project management logic, including task scheduling and resource leveling. It ... Lesen Sie mehr

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    Beschreibung: Kanban board component for JavaScript. DlhSoft Kanban Library is a component that helps you create a Kanban board user interface with horizontal and vertical drag & drop support. You can display as many rows and columns as needed and each cell is ... Lesen Sie mehr

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    Beschreibung: Calendar, date picker, time picker, multi-selector combo box, toggle button and tree-grid components for JavaScript. DlhSoft Hyper Library includes JavaScript components that provide a user interface for displaying and selecting dates and times as well as ... Lesen Sie mehr

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    Beschreibung: Discover and tune Microsoft SQL Servers. SQL Discovery and Tuning Suite includes 3 key IDERA products; SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server performance monitoring, diagnostics, and tuning, SQL Inventory Manager to discover, track and manage your SQL ... Lesen Sie mehr

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    Beschreibung: Add interactive Gantt charts to your macOS and iOS apps. DlhSoft Ganttis helps you present any timeline with ease. It allows you to customize everything including data source, dependencies, schedule definitions, behavior, appearance, and even drawing. You ... Lesen Sie mehr

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    Beschreibung: Gantt, Schedule, Load, and PERT Chart components with rich user experience, customizable appearance and behavior, high performance, and printing. DlhSoft Gantt Chart Bundle includes Gantt Chart Light Library for WPF, Gantt Chart Hyper Library for HTML5 ... Lesen Sie mehr

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    Versionshinweise: Adds support for .NET Core. Added support for .NET Core. ... Lesen Sie mehr

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    Versionshinweise: Added support for .NET Core. ... Lesen Sie mehr

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    Versionshinweise: Added support for .NET Core. ... Lesen Sie mehr

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    Versionshinweise: Adds support for .NET Standard. Adds support for .NET Standard. ... Lesen Sie mehr