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    Beschreibung: Prevent unauthorized software distribution. Agile.NET Copy Protection helps you add copy protection to your software in less than 5 minutes. It let's you easily introduce new pricing, packaging and software licensing models to existing software. ... Lesen Sie mehr

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    Versionshinweise: Improves Object Navigator, Compare Schemas and Profile Wizard. Object Navigator Connected sessions in the Object Navigator are now colored according to the selected database type. If a database connection password expires soon or has already expired, both ... Lesen Sie mehr

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    Versionshinweise: Adds "Locate on Disk" command to the Analysis Log Manager to easily locate log files. Analysis Log Manager Added the ability to locate the log file on the disk. The “Locate on Disk” command is now available from the pop-up menu. Analysis log ... Lesen Sie mehr

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    Beschreibung: Protect Java software against code modification and IP theft. Jfuscator is a Java code protection and obfuscation solution. It protects your intellectual property by making it extremely difficult to reverse engineer Java applications. Jfuscator knows what ... Lesen Sie mehr

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    Beschreibung: Advanced software protection for .NET applications. Agile.NET Code Protection helps you obfuscate every aspect of your code, including class and method names, managed resources, user strings, methods implementation, system and library calls. It protects ... Lesen Sie mehr

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    Beschreibung: Advanced Oracle database documenter. ClearDB Documenter is a platform to generate comprehensive database documentation. It analyzes and reports on a complete set of 59 schema and non-schema object types with all their properties, DDL, privileges, synonyms ... Lesen Sie mehr

  7. Beschreibung: Advanced .NET obfuscation, code and intellectual property protection. CliSecure features advanced obfuscation techniques that keep class and method names intact while completely hiding IL code stored in assembly methods, replacing the method bodies with ... Lesen Sie mehr