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    Beschreibung: Support End Users and Access Remote Computers. Wayk Now is a flexible, easy-to-use and lightweight remote desktop access solution that reduces implementation time while maintaining the latest industry security standards. When integrated with Devolutions ... Lesen Sie mehr

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    Beschreibung: Prevent unauthorized software distribution. Agile.NET Copy Protection helps you add copy protection to your software in less than 5 minutes. It let's you easily introduce new pricing, packaging and software licensing models to existing software. ... Lesen Sie mehr

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    Beschreibung: Groupware system for businesses and providers. Aurora Corporate is a private cloud combining groupware, file storage and email in a single, unified environment. It features; Webmail - Clean and modern interface. Can work with your existing mail server or ... Lesen Sie mehr

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    Beschreibung: Brings ActiveSync support to WebMail Pro. Afterlogic ActiveServer enables ActiveSync support for WebMail Pro users allowing them to sync e-mail, contacts and calendars with Outlook 2013/2016, iOS, Android. ActiveServer is a set of PHP scripts which can be ... Lesen Sie mehr

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    Versionshinweise: New Recording Server module is available to centralize session recordings. v2020.1.7.0 Updated Mar 12, 2020 Features New Features New Encryption Keys added. (It is strongly recommended to export a new Encryption backup file). Web: Added a new report: Non ... Lesen Sie mehr

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    Versionshinweise: Adds Recaptcha to mobile version, plus S3 storage support. S3 storage is supported for personal and corporate files. Recaptcha enabled in mobile version now. Fixed issue with Recaptcha used in mail login form. Fixed issue with sending mail in mobile ... Lesen Sie mehr

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    Versionshinweise: Adds support for Azure Key Vault plus support for RDP and Web entries to connect through a "secure gateway". 2020.1.19.0 Updated Mar 24, 2020 Features Added "Prompt refresh all vaults on startup" feature to MySQL, MariaDB, Microsoft ... Lesen Sie mehr

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    Beschreibung: Protect Java software against code modification and IP theft. Jfuscator is a Java code protection and obfuscation solution. It protects your intellectual property by making it extremely difficult to reverse engineer Java applications. Jfuscator knows what ... Lesen Sie mehr

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    Versionshinweise: v6.3.2 Updated Jan 29, 2020 Features Installer correctly saves hash of admin password to the settings file now. v6.3.1 Updated Jan 29, 2020 Features It is no longer possible to log into admin area by supplying a password hash. v6.3.1 Updated Jun 5, 2019 ... Lesen Sie mehr

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    Beschreibung: Advanced software protection for .NET applications. Agile.NET Code Protection helps you obfuscate every aspect of your code, including class and method names, managed resources, user strings, methods implementation, system and library calls. It protects ... Lesen Sie mehr