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  1. Merkmale: Visual Studio 2013 contains all the tools you need to develop killer apps for Windows 8.1, from templates, to designers, to testing, to debugging. Blend now comes with the Visual Studio installation providing rich visual tools for creating Windows store ... Lesen Sie mehr Weitere Ergebnisse von diesem Produkt anzeigen

  2. Merkmale: Visual Studio 2013 and .NET 4.5.1 provide the latest advances in ASP.NET including web optimization improvements (minification and bundling), new templates, HTML & CSS editor improvements, page inspector, and new publishing tools. Microsoft have added ... Lesen Sie mehr

  3. Merkmale: Visual Studio 2013 is the best tool for developers and teams to build and deliver modern, connected applications on all of Microsoft’s platforms. From Windows Azure and SQL Server to Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8, Visual Studio 2013 supports the breadth ... Lesen Sie mehr

  4. Merkmale: CardioLog Editions - Feature Comparison Feature: Standard Professional Enterprise Reports       Basic reports (3) Yes Yes Yes Full report pack Yes Yes Yes Custom Dashboards Yes Yes Yes Scheduling and Email distribution Yes Yes Yes Drill down reports Yes ... Lesen Sie mehr