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  1. Neuerungen: What's new in V1.1? New Start up screen. Auto Layout Reset Model ID. More improvements and bug-fixes. ... Lesen Sie mehr

  2. Neuerungen: What's new in Astah SysML V1.4? High-res display support. Mac Full Screen Mode Support. Extension on Requirement's stereotype - now you are able to add any stereotypes other than pre-defined ones. What's new in Astah SysML V1.3? Ability to ... Lesen Sie mehr

  3. Neuerungen: What's new in V5.5? C++ Support, Export C++ Code - JUDE C++ Reverse program (API sample, non-support) Improvements on Export HTML Show differences between diagrams in [Compare Project]/[Merge Project] Change font color of model names Improvements on ... Lesen Sie mehr