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  1. Neuerungen: What's new in Astah SysML V1.4? High-res display support. Mac Full Screen Mode Support. Extension on Requirement's stereotype - now you are able to add any stereotypes other than pre-defined ones. What's new in Astah SysML V1.3? Ability to ... Lesen Sie mehr

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    Neuerungen: The swatch colours are available from the colour picker popup for appropriate element properties: Pastels - Warm, Pink Panther, Vintage Green ... Lesen Sie mehr Weitere Ergebnisse von diesem Produkt anzeigen

  3. Neuerungen: In the past, Caretta Software had to update the rendering code to provide different visual styles for each element. This was not only tedious and very time consuming, it meant that requests for specific or custom visual styles couldn’t realistically be ... Lesen Sie mehr

  4. Neuerungen: Colour swatches give you enormous control over your design with the flexibility to try out different colour schemes at the flick of a switch. Create new swatches and duplicate, edit or delete existing ones. ... Lesen Sie mehr

  5. Neuerungen: What's new in V1.1? New Start up screen. Auto Layout Reset Model ID. More improvements and bug-fixes. ... Lesen Sie mehr

  6. Neuerungen: What's new in V5.5? C++ Support, Export C++ Code - JUDE C++ Reverse program (API sample, non-support) Improvements on Export HTML Show differences between diagrams in [Compare Project]/[Merge Project] Change font color of model names Improvements on ... Lesen Sie mehr