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  1. About AppLife Update

    Beschreibung: Stay connected with your deployed .NET applications. AppLife Update is an updating solution for .NET software applications.  Using AppLife Update, you can easily enable your applications to discover, download, and apply updates automatically.  It handles ... Lesen Sie mehr

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    About Instant Protection PLUS 3

    Beschreibung: Implement software license management and copy protection. The SoftwareKey System is a suite of client and server components that offer sophisticated Electronic License Activation and Electronic License Management features. Instant Protection PLUS 3 is a ... Lesen Sie mehr

  3. About Protection PLUS Professional Edition

    Beschreibung: Protect your applications and components by remotely managing customer access. Protection PLUS is a flexible software licensing toolkit that provides powerful control over creating trial versions, upgrading trials to full versions, extending trials, copy ... Lesen Sie mehr

  4. About Desaware Licensing System

    Beschreibung: Add a cryptographic licensing system to your .NET apps. The Desaware Licensing System is a cryptographic based licensing system for .NET. Designed for per server/machine and component licensing, it is extremely easy to use and can be configured for both ... Lesen Sie mehr

  5. About SoftwareKey Licensing System

    Beschreibung: Developer and IT Tools for Copy Protection, Licensing, Metering and Sales Automation. Concept Software created the core technologies of the SoftwareKey System used by ISV's (Independent Software Vendors) and enterprise organizations around the globe ... Lesen Sie mehr

  6. About DC Application Protector

    Beschreibung: Protect your Windows executable trial versions. DC Application Protector allows you to protect trial versions of your software against piracy, without coding. DC Application Protector comes with an easy to use interface, excellent security features and is ... Lesen Sie mehr

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    About VersionStamper

    Beschreibung: Detect and manage possible component version incompatibilities on end-user's systems. VersionStamper determines the component dependencies of any project, detects conflicts based on embedded or remote file lists, and performs automatic notification ... Lesen Sie mehr

  8. Ellipter Archiviert

    Beschreibung: Protect your .NET applications from piracy. Ellipter is a 100% managed .NET library for licensing software products and components based on Elliptic Curves asymmetric cryptography. With Ellipter you can programmatically create and verify secure and short ... Lesen Sie mehr

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    About Gridmetric Lib-V

    Beschreibung: Powerful App-V Package SDK for your own applications. Gridmetric Lib-V is a .NET 2.0 compatible library component written in C#, which makes it possible for you to incorporate reading and/or writing capabilities of Microsoft App-V's package files ... Lesen Sie mehr

  10. About Nalpeiron Licensing Service

    Beschreibung: Protect your applications and enhance end user experience. Nalpeiron Licensing Service (NLS) lets you add secure, flexible licensing to the software you write. Nalpeiron is designed to be simple to use and fast to deploy, Nalpeiron also offers total ... Lesen Sie mehr