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  1. Nevron Chart for SharePoint

    Marke: Nevron
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    About Nevron Chart for SharePoint

    Deliver advanced charting solutions to the SharePoint environment. Nevron Chart for SharePoint is an advanced chart web part, which delivers a complete set of 2D and 3D charting types, highly customizable axes, advanced data analysis features, tight data ...

  2. SharePoint Permission Report

    About SharePoint Permission Report

    Generate various permission reports to improve SharePoint management. SharePoint Permission Report provides a simple and efficient way to generate different types of permission reports. Administrators can generate reports based on account, permission ...

  3. Virto Ajax Data Grid Web Part for SharePoint

    About Virto Ajax Data Grid Web Part for SharePoint

    Display SharePoint list items and SQL items in a single grid view. Virto Ajax DataGrid is a ready-to-use Ajax-enabled JavaScript control that displays items from SharePoint lists (from a site or a site collection) or SQL items in a single grid. The web ...

  4. KWizCom SharePoint List Aggregator

    About KWizCom SharePoint List Aggregator

    Easily aggregate data from a variety of lists and libraries, into a single clear, great looking consolidated view. KWizCom SharePoint List Aggregator is available for SharePoint 2007, 2010 and 2013. It provides true aggregation (roll-up) capabilities ...

  5. XL-DBQuery


    Analyse your corporate data with an easy to use analysis and reporting tool for Excel. XL-DBQuery from SBS Development is a data analysis and reporting tool for Excel that enhances Excel’s existing analysis and reporting capabilities and is a viable ...

  6. HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint

    Marke: HarePoint
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    About HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint

    Effective web-analytics solution for SharePoint sites and portals. HarePoint Analytics for Microsoft SharePoint provides detailed information on the performance of SharePoint-based portals and websites. it includes several reports such as user activity ...

  7. Total Access Statistics

    Marke: FMS
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    About Total Access Statistics

    Easily perform a wide variety of calculations on your Access programs. Designed specifically for Access, Total Access Statistics runs as an Access add-in (from the Tools menu), and offers a wide range of statistical functions to analyze your data. Your ...