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ComponentOne VSFlexGrid Pro is no longer available individually. It can be bought as part of ComponentOne Ultimate and ComponentOne Studio Enterprise and ComponentOne Studio for ActiveX. Existing customers can renew ComponentOne Studio for ActiveX or upgrade to ComponentOne Ultimate or ComponentOne Studio Enterprise.

Add flexible grids for display of tabular data.

VSFlexGrid Pro is an upgrade to the MSFlexGrid that gives you a full range of features for building flexible, powerful front ends for database applications. Customize the display and presentation of dynamic data in your Windows, Internet or Intranet projects with a host of new ways to display, edit, format, organize, summarize, and print tabular data. VSFlexGrid 8 is now 64-bit compatible.


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ComponentOne VSFlexGrid Pro 8.0 makes customizing the display and presentation of dynamic data easy. With a full range of features, you can quickly build flexible, robust front-ends for database applications. Customize the grid's display and presentation with a host of new ways to display, edit, format, organize, summarize, and print tabular data. Data can be formatted conditionally, highlighting data that falls outside of designated ranges. You can customize almost every aspect of the appearance of both the entire grid and individual cells. You can even merge contiguous cells with like-valued data, making your grid easier to read. VSFlexGrid offers now 64bit support.

VSFlexGrid Pro gives you several choices of data binding: ADO/OLEDB, DAO, bind to 2-D or 3-D arrays, to other VSFlexGrid controls, or create your own data source classes. You can even use the grid in unbound mode, or connect your grid to a Variant array or to a custom data source that you develop yourself. And if your application doesn't need database support at all, VSFlexGrid Pro's new unbound Light version minimizes footprint size and eliminates the need to distribute ADO DLLs with your application.

VSFlexGrid Pro allows you to save and recall multiple grid and report layouts. New printing capabilities let you print grids with a single statement, with control over paper orientation, margins, and footer text. Or show a dialog to let the user select and set up the printer.

VSFlexGrid Pro also includes useful features such as sorting, masked editing, translated combo and image lists, and automatic data aggregation. You can even use VSFlexGrid Pro as an outliner for displaying data hierarchically: it behaves like a Tree control, displaying nodes that can be collapsed or expanded to show branches containing additional data.

Small in size, easy to implement and very flexible, VSFlexGrid Pro is entirely dependency free, eliminating DLL versioning problems.

VSFlexGrid Pro Main Features

  • Support for Hierarchical Data - VSFlexGrid Pro may be used as an outliner for displaying data hierarchically: it behaves like a Tree control, displaying nodes that can be collapsed or expanded to show branches containing additional data. Outline trees can be displayed in any column, and can even be built asynchronously. The look of outline trees can be customized using the NodeOpenPicture and NodeClosedPicture properties
  • 64 bit (x64) support
  • Light Version - If your application doesn't need database support, VSFlexGrid Pro includes a new Light version of the grid control. This minimizes footprint size and eliminates the need to distribute ADO DLLs with your application
  • Integrated Printing Capabilities - The new PrintGrid method allows you to print your grid with a single statement. You have control over paper orientation, margins, and footer text, or show a dialog to let the user select and set up the printer. Printing events allow you to control page breaks, add repeating header rows, or add custom elements to each page
  • Drop-down/Pop-up Buttons - The VSFlexGrid control displays drop-down buttons automatically for cells with associated combo boxes or drop-down lists. The user may edit the cells directly, by clicking the button with the mouse. Pop-up buttons can also be displayed in cells. If the user clicks the button, the control will fire an event to which you may respond accordingly. You can customize the images shown on the cell buttons
  • Translated Combos - Translated combos can be used as data dictionaries, where data field values are translated for display. For example, the integers 0, 1, and 2 can be displayed as No, Yes and Maybe
  • Multi-Column Combos - Multi-column lists can be displayed in the drop-down part of the list. Items may have arbitrary data items attached to them. Automatically create translated lists with multiple fields directly from any ADO or DAO recordset
  • FindRow - The new FindRow method allows you to look up specific rows based on their RowData values. You can also search rows based on the cell data values for a specific column
  • Highly Customizable Cell Formatting - VSFlexGrid Pro allows you to customize almost every aspect of the appearance of the entire grid and individual cells. There are properties that affect the whole grid. Others are specific to rows and columns. Finally, the Cell property allows you to format arbitrary ranges and individual cells. For total control over the appearance of the cells, use the OwnerDraw property and the DrawCell event to paint the cell yourself, using Windows API calls
  • Improved Formatting - The VSFlexGrid control allows you to format dates using Visual Basic-like formatting strings. Just set the ColFormat property to "Short Date", for example. Or define your own custom format for dates using the same familiar syntax used with Visual Basic's Format function. The VSFlexGrid control supports number scaling the same way Visual Basic does. Include a percent sign in the format and the value shown will be multiplied by 100, with a trailing percentage sign added. Include a decimal right after the thousand separator (",.") and the value will be divided by 1,000
  • OLE Drag and Drop - Selections may be by their edges and dropped into other applications such as Microsoft Excel. Or drag ranges from an Excel spreadsheet and drop them into the VSFlexGrid control
  • Compatibility with MSFlexGrid - VSFlexGrid Pro is built on the same code base as the MSFlexGrid that comes in the box with Visual Basic and is 100% backwards compatible. It includes a utility for migrating projects that use MSFlexGrid to VSFlexGrid Pro so you don't need to rewrite your code
  • Multiple Development Environments - VSFlexGrid Pro may be used within Visual Basic, Visual C++, or Visual J++ development environments
  • No External Dependencies - VSFlexGrid Pro does not depend on any MFC .DLLs or separate OCXs. This makes deployment much easier, since you need only include the VSFlexGrid OCX file with your application
  • Support for Internet Explorer - VSFlexGrid Pro supports IE5 and other ActiveX-compatible browsers
  • Complete, Comprehensive Documentation is included
  • Royalty-free Runtime
  • Export to HTML files

ComponentOne Support is offered in Standard or Platinum levels.

Standard Support Includes:

  • Access to hotfix builds
  • ComponentOne Blogs
  • ComponentOne Forums
  • Access to 3 major releases per year
  • Online Support
  • Email Project for Analysis

Platinum Support Adds:

  • 24 Hour FastTrack Response (excluding weekends and observerd US holidays)
  • Phone Support

ComponentOne Platinum Support Subscriptions provide a full year of Telephone and Online Technical Support. ComponentOne Technical Support Engineers are available by phone Monday through Friday, except U.S. holidays, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern,USA. Customers outside the USA, please remember to check your time difference for phone support.


Operating System for Deployment
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2000
Architecture of Product
  • 32Bit
  • 64Bit
Product Type
  • Component
Component Type
  • ActiveX OCX
Built Using
  • ActiveX Template Library (ATL)
  • Includes Digital Signature
  • Supports Apartment Model Threading
Compatible Containers
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2012
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 97
  • Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0
  • Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0
  • Microsoft Visual Basic 4.0
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 4.0
  • Microsoft Visual J++ 6.0
  • Microsoft Visual J++ 1.1
  • Microsoft Visual InterDev 6.0
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0
Product Class
  • User Interface Components
Test and Review Status
  • Installation Tested - Yes
  • Uninstall Tested - Yes
  • Anti Virus Checked - Yes
  • Evaluation Installation Tested - Yes
  • Evaluation Uninstall Tested - Yes
  • Documentation Reviewed - Yes
  • Sample Code Reviewed - Yes


Disk Space Required: 4MB

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