PostSharp v6.5

Añade compatibilidad con Docker.
Marzo 18, 2020
Nueva versión


  • Adds support for Docker.
  • Upgrades C++ projects to Microsoft Windows 10 SDK.
  • Upgrades C++ projects to C++ SDK v142 (Microsoft Visual Studio 2019).
  • Upgrades SDK to 3.1.101.
  • Caching: Adds support for ASP.NET Core MemoryCache.
  • Installer: Shows VSIX log to allow self-diagnosis of installation issues.
  • Installer: Adds option to close/kill open processes.
  • Installer: Allows selection of target Microsoft Visual Studio instances.
  • VSX: Code rewriters and quick action previews refactored.
  • VSX: Async dependency injection refactored.
  • VSX: Adds code actions for [Cache], [Command] and [DependencyProperty] aspects.


  • VSX: Cannot access service before is has been initialized in RoslynCodeFactory.workspace.
  • VSX: IndexOutOfRangeException when failed to parse target framework moniker.
  • VSX: ArgumentOutOfRangeException on missing declaration name in PostSharpDiagnosticAnalyzer.
  • Location resolution: Could not write lines to file PostSharpAnalyzers.config (build-time error).
  • VSX: ThreadMismatchException in EnhancedSpanProvider.GetEnhancedSpansImplAsync.
  • VSX: Exception thrown when CanCreateForCurrentCaretPosition hits and uninitialized service.
  • VSX: AssertionFailedException when retrieving own service.
  • VSX: ServiceNotFoundException when opening quick actions.
  • VSX: Project property page not properly registered.
  • AspectInitializationClient should inherit aspect's dependencies only if RuntimeInitialize is present.
  • Aspect Framework: Required dependencies are applied for RuntimeInitialize() pseudotransformations.
  • Inconsistent trace verbosity (PipeServer host vs command line hosts).
  • Caching: Missing XMLdoc for MemoryCacheBackend.
  • VSX: Installer: when there are many side-by-side instances of Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 installed, PostSharp installs into just one.
  • VSX: Installer passes without any error on machine without any compatible Microsoft Visual Studio version.
  • Caching.Redis: update the StackExchange.Redis package.
  • Caching.Redis: add timeout in RedisNotificationQueue.Init.
  • Caching: Azure: migration to new API and support for .NET Standard.
  • Caching (Azure): AzureCacheInvalidator should confirm message reception using BrokeredMessage.Complete.
  • Initialize common directories before loading the project.
  • VSX: Microsoft Visual Studio usage's VisualStudioVersion is unusable for analyzing Visual Studio usage.
  • Multicasting: AllowMultiple=false does not raise an error when two attributes are directly added to the same declaration.
    Breaking Change: It is now a build-time error to declare two attributes on the same element if their MulticastAttributeUsage.AllowMultiple is false. Previously, one of those attributes was silently removed.
  • Aspect Framework: RuntimeInitialize call order does not respect aspect dependencies.
    Breaking Change: The order of RuntimeInitialize() calls of two aspects on the same type may now be different. Also, some aspects weren't ordered correctly may now cause build errors. You can fix these build errors by ordering those aspects.
  • Aspect Framework: PostSharp copies internal attribute declarations to other assemblies.
    Breaking Change: It is now a build-time error to attempt to copy assembly-internal attributes using [CopyAttributes], or copying them implicitly on parameters, type parameters and return values using [IntroduceMember].
  • Aspect Framework: Encapsulating a field in a generic type creates a duplicate MemberRef.
    Breaking Change: Renaming a FieldRef or a MemberRef using PostSharp.SDK now invalidates the enumerator on collections in TypeDef, TypeRef and TypeSpec classes.

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