Wijmo Core 2021 v2

Incluye la versión oficial del control FlexMap, compatibilidad con Excel Note y una nueva API ColumnGroups.
Agosto 04, 2021 - 13:39
Nueva versión


  • FlexMap is Officially Released
    • GrapeCity are pleased to announce that FlexMap is no longer in Beta. FlexMap is a new map control for visualizing geographic data.
    • Map controls can bring your data to life and make it much easier to analyze.
    • This JavaScript UI component enables you to create stunning visualizations with your geodata easily.
    • FlexMap supports rendering choropleths and point maps, such as scatter and bubble.
    • The map uses GeoJSON for binding geographical feature layers and point layers.
  • Added Support for Microsoft Excel Notes in XLSX
    • Based on customer requests, support for Excel notes in the wijmo.xslx module has been added. Now you can include Excel notes when importing or exporting with FlexGrid or working with any Workbooks using GrapeCity's XLSX module.
    • Added note property to the WorkbookCell class and IWorkbookCell interface.
    • Added a WorkbookNote class and IWorkbookNote interface.
    • The note can be customized by setting its author, text, position, and size.
  • New Improved ColumnGroups API in FlexGrid
    • FlexGrid's ColumnGroups can now be defined using a typed object model, comprised of ColumnGroupCollection and ColumnGroup objects.
      (Previously columnGroupds could only be defined using POJO. Now we have a much more powerful way of defining or declaring ColumnGroups).
    • The Interop modules for Angular, React, and Vue also supports the new ColumnGroup classes. You can declare ColumnGroups right in the markup for your favorite JS framework.
    • Changes in ColumnGroup properties, adding/removing/reordering ColumnGroup objects will cause FlexGrid to automatically update its layout.
    • By default, the columnGroups property returns an empty ColumnGroupCollection collection, where you can add first-level ColumnGroup objects.
    • Each ColumnGroup object has its own 'columns' collection, where you can add child ColumnGroup objects, creating a column groups tree.
  • Drag to Reorder ColumnGroups
    • Added the ability to reorder ColumnGroups using drag and drop.
    • Reorder columns within a ColumnGroup.
    • Gives your end-users full control over how the grid columns and groups are arranged.
  • CellTemplates for ColumnGroups in Angular, React, and Vue
    • Along with adding declarative components for ColumnGroups, GrapeCity have added powerful CellTemplate support for Angular, React, and Vue.
    • CellTemplates allow you to fully customize the way specific cells render in FlexGrid.
    • CellTemplates support HTML elements, Wijmo Components, framework bindings, and conditional statements.
    • CellTemplates allow you to customize each cell in the grid to your exact needs.
  • Expand, Collapse, and Reorder Events for ColumnGroups Supported by UndoStack
    • The UndoStack offers a convenient way of adding undo/redo behavior to your application.
    • FlexGrid supports undo/redo for many of its actions.
    • The release has added the ability to undo/redo expanding and collapsing ColumnGroups when using FlexGrid.
  • Save and Persist State of ColumnGroups
    • The columnLayout property of FlexGrid can be used to persist column layouts defined by users so they are preserved across sessions, and can also be used to implement undo/redo functionality in applications that allow users to modify the column layout.
    • Added ColumnGroup configuration to the columnLayout property so that all changes to ColumnGroups can be persisted.
    • DataMap Supports array and object type properties.
Added support for Microsoft Excel notes.

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