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FindinSite-CD updated to V6.11

March 24, 2010 - 17:23
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FindinSite-CD adds full text searching to your CDs or DVDs containing Web pages, text files, PDF and MS-Office documents.  FindinSite-CD is a Java search page that you put on your CD - the search can be used on Windows, Mac and Linux systems.  It has a user interface in 29 languages and provides powerful search capability that finds adjacent words and matches capitals.  Set up the search page quickly using the included Windows tool FindinSite-CD-Wizard.

Updates in V6.11

  • Startup: Large "PLEASE WAIT..." (L_LOADING) displayed and search box disabled until search databases loaded
  • Startup: LoadingFont and LoadingColor parameters added to set font and colour of L_LOADING
  • General: IndexDbBase parameter added to allow use within HtmlExecutable

About PHD Computer Consultants

PHD Computer Consultants specializes in tools for CD, DVD and Web developers. Based in Cumbria, England, PHD Computer Consultants Ltd was founded in 1994 to program custom software for clients. PHD went on to develop navigation tools in Java and .NET culminating in its FindinSite search engine range for CDs and websites. Its Dynamic-CD software is an internet server for CDs or DVDs with scripting, database support and data encryption. PHD's clients include Software AG, Cisco, European Investment Bank and many non-profit organizations.

Indexing a CD with FindinSite-CD-Wizard.

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