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Dynamic-CD.Net released

An easy way to put an ASP.NET Web site onto a CD, DVD or USB memory stick.
March 01, 2010 - 18:57
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Dynamic-CD.Net provides the services you would expect from an ASP.NET Internet server - except it's on a CD/DVD/USB-stick. It lets you distribute your Web site to your users on physical media and gives your CD the processing power to display dynamic content with support for ASP.NET, password protection and databases.


  • Supports database access and encryption to protect file content
  • AutoPlays neatly and can be controlled using a taskbar notification area icon
  • Responds well if the CD or USB device is removed - a message asks for the media to be replaced or viewing cancelled
  • Available in three editions - Personal, Standard and Professional to suit your distribution needs

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About PHD Computer Consultants

PHD Computer Consultants specializes in tools for CD, DVD and Web developers. Based in Cumbria, England, PHD Computer Consultants Ltd was founded in 1994 to program custom software for clients. PHD went on to develop navigation tools in Java and .NET culminating in its FindinSite search engine range for CDs and websites. Its Dynamic-CD software is an internet server for CDs or DVDs with scripting, database support and data encryption. PHD's clients include Software AG, Cisco, European Investment Bank and many non-profit organizations.

Choosing the server technology with Dynamic-CD Wizard.

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