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Import, export and flatten PDF forms

jPDFFields is a Java library for working with interactive PDF forms in both AcroForm and XFA formats.
Octubre 19, 2010 - 16:26
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jPDFFields allows your application to get and set field values and can also import and export to FDF, XFDF and XDP formats. Additionally, jPDFFields can also flatten fields in a document. Flattening is the process of merging the fields into the PDF content layer so that the information is retained but as static PDF content. jPDFFields is built on top of Qoppa's proprietary PDF technology so it is 100% Java and does not require any third party software or drivers.


  • Load PDF documents from files, network drives, URLs or input streams.
  • Work with PDF forms in both AcroForm or XFA formats.
  • Export fields data as FDF, XML (XFDF) or XDP files.
  • Import fields data from FDF, XML (XFDF) or XDP files.
  • Flatten form fields (paint the fields content directly in the page and remove fields themselves from the PDF document).
  • Reset fields to their default value.
  • Save updated PDF file as file, an OutputStream or a ServletOutputStream.
  • Written entirely in Java™ - allows your application to remain platform independent.

About Qoppa Software

Qoppa Software was founded in 2002 in Atlanta and specializes in the development of high-end libraries and applications to work with PDF documents. It provides solutions to companies all over the world ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Being a small, highly focused company allows it to remain flexible to work with customers individually to deliver a solution that fits their unique needs in terms of licensing, implementation and deployment. Additionally, Qoppa Software prides itself in offering high-level, responsive technical support at an expert level, providing access to development staff when necessary.

Importing field data with jPDFFields.

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