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Dapfor .Net Grid features grouping, editors, 50,000 updates/sec, low CPU/memory consumption and more.
Octubre 29, 2010 - 15:45
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Dapfor .Net Grid is a hierarchical data presentation grid that features: single or multiple headers, real-time row grouping, sorting, filtration, cell highlighting, rich custom cell editors and standard editors. It combines high performance (50,000 cell updates/second), thread-safe implementation, no deadlock risks, XML and binary serialization, data binding and more. Dapfor .Net Grid includes standard editors based on UITypeEditor class, advanced cell editors (created over cells - TrackBar, CheckBar, etc.)  and row docking features.

Dapfor .Net Grid is also available as part of Dapfor .Net Suite.


Dapfor .Net Grid major features:

  • Low consumption of CPU and memory resources
  • Event-driven model
  • Real-time data updating
  • Real-time data highlighting
  • Real-time data sorting
  • Real-time data filtration
  • Real-time data grouping
  • Tree view mode and multiple header views in a single component
  • Easy creation of any hierarchy
  • Fixed and scrollable columns
  • Various data types: user-defined classes, IEnumerable<>, IList<>, IDictionary<>, object[], etc...
  • Bindings to IList, IListSource, IBindingList
  • Data layer in your application doesn't depend on third-party assemblies including Dapfor's assemblies because of event-driven model support and thread-safe notifications.
  • Docked rows on any level of the hierarchy.
  • Advanced data formatting and parsing
  • Filters in columns
  • Support of standard editors used in the PropertyGrid and new advanced editors.
  • Tooltips in cells.
  • Full customization and control over drawing, navigation, editing and highlighting.
  • XML and binary serialization.
  • Semi-transparent selection
  • Special attention to thread safety.
  • Quality assurance, 300+ NUnit tests
  • Diagnostic tools: .Net Inspector and .Net Logger
  • Compatibility with ILMerge utility enables merger of multiple assemblies into a single .Net assembly and deployment of your application as a single executable.
  • Design-time support.
  • Full code documentation, many examples.
  • Ergonomic and intuitive API.

Dapfor .Net Grid Real-time services

  • Data grouping and real-time regrouping
  • Data repainting
  • Cell highlighting
  • Real-time row sorting
  • Real-time row filtering

Dapfor .Net Grid Performance

  • High insertion rate: > 100 000 rows/second
  • High removal rate: > 600 000 rows/second
  • High grouping rate: > 60 000 rows/second
  • Regrouping rate: > 10 000 rows/sec in a grid of 5000 rows
  • Filtering rate: > 7 000 rows/sec in a grid of 5000 rows
  • Sorting rate: > 5 000 sorts/sec in a grid of 5000 rows
  • Data updating with highlighting: > 50 000 cells/second
  • Low memory consumption: ~ 16 MB for grid of 100 000 rows

Dapfor .Net Grid Data binding

  • Bindings to IList, IListSource, IBindingList
  • Various types: IEnumerable, IList, IDictionary, object[] ...
  • User-defined classes, thread-safe event-driven model.
  • Threadsafe inserting, removing and updating of data including notifications from IBindingList

Dapfor .Net Grid Filters

  • Extensible filters in columns
  • Programmable filters based on IFilter interface
  • Real-time filtering upon data changes
  • Filtering speed: > 7000 rows/sec in a grid of 5000 rows

Dapfor .Net Grid Cell editors

  • Standard editors based on UITypeEditor class
  • New advanced cell editors
  • Editors created over cells (TrackBar, CheckBar, etc.)
  • A frame around editable cells for better visibility

Dapfor .Net Grid Row docking

  • Docking at any hierarchical level
  • Rows always stay in fixed position
  • Can act as a filter with various cell editors
  • Can contain column average or total values

Dapfor .Net Grid Hierarchy

  • Tree and multiple header views in a single component
  • Any hierarchy can easily be built
  • Fixed and scrollable columns
  • Any object at any hierarchy

About Dapfor

Since 2007 Dapfor has developed high-quality software for modern applications that require high performance and reliability. One of the main components of such applications is a grid, i.e. a component that displays data in tabular form. Dapfor .Net Grid was initially designed for electronic trading systems with their stringent requirements to robustness, low consumption of memory and CPU resources, ergonomic and simple user interface and rich API. These requirements have a common objective - to gain the first place on the market, to improve development time and to ensure productive work in run-time. As the result, Dapfor has created the a productive and robust hierarchical grid. It can be used in a great variety of applications (not just for financial markets). It makes software user-friendly, reduces CPU and memory consumption and considerably accelerates development time with multiple services included in the grid and RAD (rapid application development) patterns.

Sample trading application created wth Dapfor .Net Grid.

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