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TraceMaster® builds on the success of AFD Names & Numbers® which is used extensively in the financial services, credit management, security, tracing and debt recovery industries. TraceMaster makes it easy to access current and historic electoral roll data by making it possible to track the movement of individuals and organisations over time. It contains a comprehensive reference to UK names, addresses and telephone numbers from 1997 to the present time. (Please note: TraceMaster and the data it contains is not available to license for public display on the Internet for reasons of privacy and the personal safety of individuals listed in the product.)

Data included with TraceMaster
UK Electoral Roll - First Name, Initial & Surname, Gender, Residency - 1997 to present time*
(* not all data fields are present in every historic data set.)

  • Names of Residents
    • First Name, Middle Initial, Surname
    • Gender where known
    • Length of Residency
    • Phone Numbers where known
  • Organisations and Departments
    • Standard Industry Classification (SIC) Codes
    • Business Descriptions (e.g. 'Solicitors')
    • Business Size (by Number of Employee bands)
    • Phone Numbers where known...
One software license is required per machine. Run-time royalty free. Annual Program & Data License renewal required. The programs and data are updated every year when you renew, however, intermediate...

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