Lanzamientos de BCGSuite for MFC

Released: May 30, 2022

Actualizaciones en v33.0


  • Gauge Controls
    • A new class CBCGPCircularProgressIndicatorRendererBase allows to implement a window-less circular progress indicator.
    • CBCGPGaugeImpl: BCGP_SUB_GAUGE_POS enumerator has a new value - BCGP_SUB_GAUGE_CENTER (sub-gauge is located at the center of the parent gauge).
  • Grid and Report Controls
    • New flag ExportOptions::EF_IncludeRowHeader allows to export content of a leftmost column (row header), this flag is used with methods CBCGPGridCtrl::ExportToHTML, CBCGPGridCtrl...

Released: Feb 1, 2022

Actualizaciones en v32.2


  • Dialogs and Forms
    • CBCGPMessageBox: Improved window layout. Width / height ratio is now closer to the native Microsoft Windows message box.
    • CBCGPDlgPopupMenu: A popup dialog can now be created without any corresponding controls such as menu button or ribbon button.
    • CBCGPDlgPopupMenu: A new constructor "CBCGPDlgPopupMenu(CRuntimeClass* pRTI, LPCTSTR lpszTemplateName)" has been added in this version.
  • Grid and Report Controls
    • CBCGPGridColorItem: Added custom colors serialization...

Released: Nov 17, 2021

Actualizaciones en v32.1


  • Added Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 support:
    • Source files are fully compliant with Visual 2022 C++ compiler.
    • All examples and samples have been thoroughly tested with Visual Studio 2022.
    • Evaluation version contains DLLs and libraries required for Visual Studio 2022.
  • Grid and Report Controls
    • Added Microsoft Excel-like text overflowing.
    • Added grid cell selection animation effect: When you are clicking a single cell, selection border will be smoothly moved from a previous location...

Released: Oct 21, 2021

Actualizaciones en v32.0


  • The product source code is now fully-compatible with latest C++ code standards and technologies:
    • ISO C++ 20 standard.
    • LLVM (CLang-Cl).
  • The product is now fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 11.
  • Dialogs and Forms
    • CBCGPPropertySheet: Added a new OnGetPageNotificationBadgeSize virtual method which allows you to customize left-side notification badge dimensions.
    • CBCGPScrollDialog: Improved scrolling behavior after dialog resizing.
  • Gauge Controls
    • CBCGPCircularGaugeImpl and...

Released: Jun 15, 2021

Actualizaciones en v31.3


  • Chart Control
    • BCGPChartHitInfo::HitInfoTest now has a new flag "HIT_DATA_AREA" (series area: line or closed area) (except splines).
    • CBCGPChartSeries class now has a new method HitTest(const CBCGPPoint& pt, BCGPChartHitInfo* pHitInfo, UINT uiHitInfoFlags) - hit-test for data labels, data points and data area. uiHitInfoFlags can be combination of HIT_DATA_POINT, HIT_DATA_LABEL and HIT_DATA_AREA.
    • Improved data point hit-testing for 3D charts and bubble charts.
  • MSAA and CodedUI...

Released: Apr 15, 2021

Actualizaciones en v31.2


  • Chart Control
    • Improved chart thumbnails:
      • Added thumbnail mode for advanced Chart legend.
      • Developer can now specify a scaling ratio for all text labels in chart thumbnails.
      • Improved thumbnail appearance in Torus, Scatter and Ternary charts.
    • 3D charts walls drawing:
      • Added the ability to enable/disable wall jointing.
      • Improved wall appearance (both in thin and thick modes).
  • Gauge Controls
    • CBCGPKnob: added disabled knob control drawing.
    • CBCGPCircularGaugeImpl: improved interactive...

Released: Feb 2, 2021

Actualizaciones en v31.1


  • Added auto-hidden scrollbars for visual containers and controls.
  • Tasks Pane and Toolbox
    • Added the ability to show/hide specific toolbox buttons and pages. The following new methods were added:
      • CBCGPToolBoxButton::SetVisible.
      • CBCGPToolBoxButton::IsVisible.
      • CBCGPToolBoxPage::SetVisible (extended toolbox only).
      • CBCGPToolBoxPage::IsVisible.
    • Improved toolbox items layout: the buttons don't disappear now when the toolbox is narrow.
  • Chart Control
    • BCGPChartMarkerOptions: added new marker...

Released: Nov 16, 2020

Actualizaciones en v31.0


  • New class CBCGPMultiViewFrameWnd implements a multi-view single-document interface (SDI). The following examples and samples now use this new frame type:
    • BCGPChartExample.
    • BCGPControls.
    • BCGPDiagramDemo.
    • BCGPGaugesDemo.
    • GraphicsManagerDemo.
      • In addition, Application Wizard (for Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 - 2019) has a new interface option: Multi-view SDI.
  • Dialogs and Forms
    • Implemented loading layout from MFC dialog resources: a new optional parameter bLoadMFCResourceLayout was...

Released: Sep 28, 2020

Actualizaciones en v30.6


  • Added WinAppDriver (Microsoft Windows Application Driver) support.
  • Dialogs and Forms
    • CBCGPPropertySheet - Added support for the page swipe gesture.
    • CBCGPPropertySheet - SetActivePageWithEffects method is virtual now.
  • Chart Control
    • CBCGPChartAdvancedFormula - Added new moving average type MA_CUMULATIVE.
    • CBCGPChartAdvancedFormula - Added new methods SetOutputSeriesType and SetOutputSeriesCategory.
    • Added new class CBCGPChartMAENVFormula - Adds "Moving Average Envelopes" for the...

Released: Jun 4, 2020

Actualizaciones en v30.51


  • The library and examples/samples are fully tested with latest versions of Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 and Windows SDK.


  • CBCGPGraphicsManagerD2D: addressed issue with calling GetDpiForWindow and GetDpiForSystem in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019.
  • CBCGPTreeCtrl: removed unnecessary TVM_GETEDITCONTROL message processing.