About DirectX 11 Programming

An introduction to DirectX 11 programming.

The DirectX 11 Programming course begins with a high-level overview of the DirectX 11 architecture and concepts, and proceeds with an initial DirectX example application, 2D graphics, text rendering, input device processing, 3D concepts, rendering, shaders and effects, cameras and models, audio, importing and exporting 3D models.

Lesson Summary

  1. Course Information
  2. DirectX 11 Overview
  3. An Example DirectX Program
  4. 2D Graphics
  5. Text Rendering
  6. Input Devices
  7. 3D Introduction
  8. Shaders and Effects
  9. Cameras and Models
  10. Audio
  11. Import/Export 3D Models
  12. The Final Project
  13. DirectX 9 and 10
  14. Other Tools
  15. Summary

Books, Materials and Software
The student must have access to a computer capable of running DirectX 11. Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 is used for programming. Microsoft Visual Studio Express Edition can be downloaded from Microsoft for free. The student must download and install the Microsoft DirectX SDK. The student may optionally also download and install nVidia FX Composer.