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Active Barcode Component - GS1

Active Barcode Component GS1 is an ActiveX/Automation Control that allows barcode images to be created within the user's own software or created on the fly from data in a database field in Microsoft Access. A barcode image may be displayed on screen, printed on a printer, saved to a disk file, or passed to the Windows clipboard for incorporation into another Windows application. Although primarily designed for Microsoft's Visual Basic 6 and Microsoft Office (VBA), Active-Barcode Components may be employed with other ActiveX-enabled systems. Examples provided are based on Visual Basic 6, MS Access 2003-2016 and Visual Studio WinForms. Active Barcode Component GS1 version supports the common traded item barcodes EAN-8/13/14, UPC-A, (all with 2 and 5 digit supplementaries), UPC-E, GS1-128, SSCC and ITF.


  • Caption property may be connected to a field in an Access database for on-the-fly image creation
  • Images may be saved in BMP, EPS, GIF, PNG or WMF formats
  • Margin indicators and bearer bars may be turned on/off for codes which support these features
  • Font properties, text justification, bar colour and background colour may be user selected for codes which support these features
  • Wide/Narrow ratios may be adjusted for barcode type that support this
  • Bar width control for wet-ink printing...

Últimas novedades

Active Barcode Component - GS1 V8.2
Active Barcode Component - GS1 V8.2
El parámetro Auto-checkdigit ahora calcula y muestra el dígito de comprobación de Mod 43 para los códigos de barras HIBC 128.
Active Barcode Component - GS1 V7.5
Active Barcode Component - GS1 V7.5
Añade compatibilidad con Microsoft Visual Studio 2017.
dLSoft Active Barcode Components V7.5 released
dLSoft Active Barcode Components V7.5 released
New version adds support for Windows 10 and Visual Studio 2015.
Active Barcode Components add Unicode
Active Barcode Components add Unicode
All Active Barcode Components can now be used for Unicode encoding of data supplied in non-western character sets.

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  • ActiveX OCX

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