Enterprise Enabler (EE) for WSS

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Integration made easy.

Enterprise Enabler for WSS allows you to visually build connectivity, create relationships across multiple sources, and map them to an ADO.NET object. The “behind the scenes” executables to access and transform the data are handled automatically, and you simply read and write to the EE ADO .Net driver. You have all the data access capabilities in WSS that you would have in SharePoint 2010 through the Business Connectivity Services, including full write-back to data sources with Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) capabilities.

Sistema operativo para despliegue
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows 2000

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Enterprise Enabler for WSS now available
Enterprise Enabler for WSS now available
ComponentSource now offers Stone Bond Technologies' agile integration solution for Windows SharePoint Services.


What an amazing product!!! We had to complete an integration project in 4 weeks. We did a little search to see if there was anything in the market to meet our demands since we would have many such small projects coming from time to time, that is when we found EE.
I am extremely pleased with my Enterprise Enabler Software! It has made life at work so much easier for many of my employees. We never realized how much change one piece of software could make in our integration process, but we sure do now!
I installed enterprise enabler on my windows 7 - 64bit machine at work. Installer was a breeze. UI looked pretty intuitive. Videos are very helpful. I was able to get Opportunity data from salesforce and show it in wss in no time. Will be looking in to their SAP & CRM interfaces.
A very powerful tool! The free trial download includes all the connection options and lets you actually build and test WSS connections. I needed to get data from Dynamics CRM and combine it with some data we maintain in a straight-forward SQL-based application.
Enterprise Enabler was a very quick way for us to start integrations and bring relevant data to SharePoint. The IDE will be familiar to most who already use eclipse or visual studio. I'd highly recommend for data integration - even to try for a pilot or quick-win with the business.

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