Acerca de ePublisher Platform

Publicación de documentación con un solo clic.

ePublisher Platform helps reduce the time it takes to publish documentation. Create, generate, deliver – those are all the stages of One-Click Publishing. A simple workflow that is agile, flexible and intelligent so you can focus less on publishing and more on creating your message.

ePublisher Designer Key Benefits

  • Generate premier outputs.
  • Manage variables and conditions.
  • Access reports on your content.
  • Modify conditions, variables, and cross-reference formats.
  • Design and brand outputs through easy user interface.
  • Preview styles in staging area before generating final output.

ePublisher Express Key Benefits

  • Generate premier outputs.
  • Manage variables and conditions.
  • Access reports on your content.
  • Modify conditions, variables, and cross-reference formats.

ePublisher Features

  • One-Click Publishing - Publishing made easy with the click of a button, saving you valuable time.
  • Easy Point and Click User Interface - No matter how complex the coding is on the back end, all you will need to do is point and click which saves you time and gives you the assurance that the features will be done right.
  • Fast Generation Times - Generation speed has been increased to the point where users have reported experiencing a 200% decrease in the amount of time it takes to generate.
  • Multiple Authoring Tools - ePublisher allows you to use your favorite authoring tools to create stunning results be it DITA, FrameMaker, Word or Markdown.
  • Advance Document Sets - All of ePublisher’s 15 outputs contain the most advanced technology so you can take full advantage of the medium you choose to display your message.
  • Customizable - Every aspect of the outputs are customizable, there is no design need you cannot meet using ePublisher.
  • Spotlight Search - Allows you to break down silos by linking to external documents and indexing that content so that your customer has all of the relevant information in a single search location.
  • Sass Technology - Create unique designs easier than ever before by using intuitive Sass technology.
  • Display Preview - View an HTML preview of your source content while you are working. This view gives you a preview of what the source content will look like in the output.
  • Custom Analytics - See how your customer interacts with your documentation with the custom library designed for documentation and charting with Google Analytics.
  • Real-Time Search Results - With Reverb 2.0 you can deliver to your customer's expectation and create a valuable experience. As your customer types, the search results narrow immediately.
  • Relevance Rankings - Control your search results by putting your most relevant information front and center.
  • Search Filters - Help your customers find the information they need faster, by offering them a chance to filter their search results.
  • Search Synonyms - Add customized synonyms to your search results, ensuring your customer will always find the correct results.
  • Scalability - ePublisher is scalable in the number of documents and number of users you can use. It uses your local resources to get the most out of your generation time.
  • Automation - With ePublisher Automap, large jobs can be scheduled to run during off hours and documentation sets can be automatically delivered. This tool can also integrate with your current CMS system.
  • Instant Preview - With one click of a button, you can view the completed output on your desktop and see what your customer will see.
  • True Single Source for Multiple Outputs - ePublisher can generate a single output or several. ePublisher remembers the styling information so you only have to work in a single set of documents to publish into several different outputs.
  • ePublisher Reports - ePublisher has many reports designed specifically for document conversion. These reports are essential for the management of a publishing workflow.
    • Style - Manage any size list to help you control how your content behaves.
    • Links - Locate broken links in a matter of seconds and fix them on the spot.
    • Filenames - Validate your naming conventions.
    • Topics - Verify the creation of your context-sensitive help topics.
    • Images - Ensure the integrity and appearance of all your ePublisher managed images.
    • Baggage Files - Ensure your external resources are properly linked to your documentation set.
    • Conditions - Verify existing conditions and discover new conditions so you can manage your output.