Novedades en FindinSite-JS

What's New in FindinSite-JS

What's New in V6.06

  • Indexing: Fix minor bug indexing PDFs

What's New in V6.05

  • Indexing: Office 2007 formats supported: DOCX, XLSX, PPTX
  • Languages: 13 more European languages supported in user interface
  • Templates: %SEARCHTEXT% renamed to %SEARCH_TEXT%
  • Output: More cross-site scripting attacks detected

What's New in V6.04

  • Indexing: Cope with format variant
  • Indexing: PDF reports "author" field

What's New in V6.03

  • Language: Thai language supported
  • Highlight: Fix bug if search word found in header

What's New in V6.02

  • Indexing: Excel XLS file indexing and searching supported
  • Indexing: Credentials advanced parameter support for username/password authentication
  • General: keep=alive parameter supported
  • General: Bug fix: Disregard include in template variable substitutions

What's New in V6.0

  • Renamed from Spy-Server
  • Highlighting in web pages improved
  • Arabic, Norwegian and Slovenian supported
  • Indexing: URL redirects handled better

What's New in V5.4.4

  • Do cross-site scripting checks later for "Text" to allow for charset decoding
  • Cope with apostrophes (') in searches better

What's New in V5.4.2

  • PDF: Fixes bugs indexing certain PDFs.
  • Format of generated emails changed slightly
  • Stop cross-site scripting parameter attacks
  • Base URL for file/dir indexings set correctly
  • PDF: Fixes two bugs not recognising xref and endstream in certain PDFs.
  • PDF: Fix bug: look for correct alternative filter names.
  • User-Agent header set to SpyndexBot when indexing, referring to robots bot page.
  • rel=nofollow supported in A tags

What's New in V5.4

  • JPEG image meta-data indexed
  • Field searches supported - more information
  • Indexer makes field words available to ordinary searches
  • Very first field word position stored correctly
  • File path added to search database

What's New in V5.3

  • UseNoBaseURLs advanced option added
  • Check for more search database corruptions
  • Not supported warning issued if attempting to index XLS files

What's New in V5.2

  • Multiple search databases searching supported
  • PowerPoint PPT/PPS indexing now supported
  • "Rebuild now" option removed
  • Get non-Western Word summary info correctly
  • Report URLs that cannot be opened better
  • Handle Windows Server 2003 IIS 6 redirections
  • Language handled updated so that Hong Kong Chinese recognised as Traditional Chinese
  • All Spy-Server pages output as UTF-8
  • Charset runtime parameter added: cs
  • Language override option provided to user (where %LANGUAGE_NAME% appears in a template file)
  • PDF Unicode strings now read correctly
  • "NoTitleIgnorePageLinks" advanced option defaults to false