Acerca de GrapeCity Documents for PDF

Biblioteca de API de PDF con gran cantidad de funciones para .NET.

GrapeCity Documents for PDF (GcPdf) is a cross-platform feature-rich PDF API Library for .NET. IT helps you generate documents with speed, memory efficiency, and no dependencies.

GrapeCity Documents for PDF Top Features

  • Generate, load, modify and save PDFs - Using GrapeCity PDF, you can create PDF documents with simple or complex business requirements in .NET applications. Moreover, you can also load, modify PDFs from any source and save them again.
  • Save PDF document as an Image - GrapeCity PDF enables you to save PDF as an Image without hampering the image quality. Further, you can execute this feature with minimal lines of code.
  • Advanced text handling - GrapeCity PDF supports standard PDF, True Type, Open Type, and WOFF fonts and features such as automatic font embedding and sub-setting. Includes:
    • Full text supporting libraries built for .NET
    • System-independent and works on all supported .NET platforms and the .NET framework
    • Numerous text handling features like text and paragraph formatting, multi-line text, alignment, text-wrap, text extract, line spacing, bi-directional text, and multiple language support
  • PDF security - GrapeCity PDF library allows you to apply robust security while generating PDF documents. GrapeCity PDF efficiently protects your documents using basic security properties like EncryptHandler, OwnerPassword, UserPassword, AllowCopyContent, AllowEditContent, AllowPrint, and more. It is also possible to secure the PDF documents by signing them digitally with a timestamp from the Time Stamp Authorities (TSA).
  • Incremental Update - GrapeCity PDF supports incremental update, which among other things, allows you to add multiple digital signatures to a PDF document while keeping them all valid.
  • Add Form fields - GrapeCity PDF allows you to add, modify, and delete different form fields, such as text, check box, radio buttons, signature, to create an interactive form. With the help of form fields, you can easily create fillable forms in your PDF document.
  • Import and Export Data - GrapeCity PDF can import or export PDF forms data from or to XML, FDF, and XFDF files.
  • Generate A Linearized PDF - Allows the generation of linearized PDF files to help you load your files quickly.
  • Feature-Rich - GrapeCity PDF library provides a rich set of features that allow you to generate complex PDF documents with content including text, graphics, images, annotations, outlines, and more.
  • GrapeCity Documents PDF Viewer and Editor - GrapeCity Documents PDF Viewer and Editor are a fast JavaScript-based client-side viewer that allows you to view PDF documents. It supports many of the standard PDF features. The Standard Viewer is included with your Documents for PDF purchase to view PDFs in your applications. You can upgrade to the Professional Viewer (GcPDF Professional Viewer) to also allow your users to edit PDFs on a single hostname. The GcPDF Professional Viewer is an annual license and must be renewed annually to continue to be licensed.
  • Seamless HTML to PDF rendering - GrapeCity PDF library and GrapeCity HTML library allow you to render HTML text or files to PDF documents.

Generate PDF Reports from HTML Templates in .NET 5

  • Save time and avoid mistakes when using document templates. GcPDF allows you to bind HTML templates to various data sources by using report templates that generate PDF files from HTML.
    • Automate and customize documents and report generation
    • Fast, powerful, and comprehensive APIs
    • Bind with any data source
    • Compatible with the .NET Framework
    • Optimized performance for server environments

Design Brochures

  • Create ready-to-use templates to pull data and populate daily sales brochures for sales personnel to stay on top of ever-changing inventory
  • Build printable, on-demand lists of available vehicles so consumers can research and compare vehicle information and pricing

Create and Distribute Customized Letters

  • Create and distribute form letters from data within various systems
  • Pull existing data, populate appropriate HTML fields, and produce PDF outputs for consistent formatting across platforms

Establish Invoices

  • Use PDF HTML templates to create invoices
  • Highlight key information for your clients