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About Mindscape Visual Tools for SharePoint

Create models for LINQ-to-SharePoint quickly and easily.

Visual Tools for SharePoint is a powerful Visual Studio add-in that makes creating models for LINQ-to-SharePoint 2010 quick and easy. No more command line tools - working with SharePoint models has never been easier. Mindscape Visual Tools for SharePoint designer integrates with Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Studio 2012 to deliver one of the best model designers for Visual Studio. Visual Tools for SharePoint provides a feature rich solution to kick your LINQ to SharePoint based development into high gear.

Visual Tools for SharePoint Key features

  • Powerful Visual Designer - Save time - from no code to a working LINQ to SharePoint implementation in 10 minutes with the rich Visual Studio 2010 integrated designer. Create entities, drag and drop lists from SharePoint and round-trip updates to and from your model.
  • New to SharePoint? Make your life easier - It's no surprise that SharePoint has a steep learning curve - it is large and cumbersome. Visual Tools for SharePoint helps new, and experienced SharePoint developers build their models and validates them so you can be sure you're doing the right thing. Simplify your development using LINQ to SharePoint by generating your models and domain objects by visually working with SharePoint lists on a design surface rather than having to automate the out of the box command line tooling and bend it to integrate with your project build processes.
  • Legendary support - Mindscape answer most help requests in under 24 hours and add new features and enhancements to nightly builds based on feedback so all users can enjoy them.