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charting graphing - Complementos para SharePoint

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    Descripción: results in a color chart or graph style. Create and edit poll questions and answers for end users. Allow ... color bar graph. Display poll results in a custom color pie chart. Choose to display only the poll ... Leer más

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    Notas de la versión: pen object is missing in PNG and JPG output. PPTX to PDF - Color of graph title and axis text changed. ... Chart is missing in output PDF. Poor quality image in output PDF. Combo charts with custom combination ... of range' occurs. WordArt object text is not changed. StackOverflowException occurs when resizing a chart ... Leer más Mostrar más resultados de este producto

  3. Notas de la versión: text in text frames. Chart plot area height is not correct when reading. The font has changed ... in the cloned presentation. Presentation with a chart won't open. Chart incorrectly rendered to an image. ... effects on charts are lost on saving presentation. Brackets in RTL text failed to render in right ... Leer más

  4. Notas de la versión: exception on exporting presentation to PDF in multi-threaded environment. PPT Charts not showing in PDF ... on loading presentation. Conversion hangs when exporting to PDF. Chart bar is missing in generated PDF. ... Missing chart legend and text overlapping/missing in generated PDF file. Character alignment gets changed ... Leer más

  5. Descripción: team. These include interactive charts and gauges, maps that provide the right level of detail ... in charts and gauges. Its rich user interface allows them to quickly bind data to the charts and gauges, ... text content) Playback controls / End-user navigation Description Title Data Chart - Enjoy a seamless ... Leer más Mostrar más resultados de este producto

  6. Novedades: Handle high volumes of data ranging into the millions of data points. You can even create charts ... with multiple series of different data types from different data sources. Data Chart types include: Area Series ... Leer más

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    Notas de la versión: Improved rendering of DML Chart plot area with a manual layout. LINQ Reporting Engine now supports ... dynamic coloring of chart series and individual series points. Added support for CssClassNamesPrefix ... rendering. Improved rendering of DML Chart plot area with a manual layout. Fixed a bug where a gradient brush ... Leer más Mostrar más resultados de este producto

  8. Notas de la versión: shrinking for Verdana font. Implemented proper calculation of undocumented margins in DrawingML charts ... . Added Microsoft Word 2016 approach for rendering DrawingML chart axis labels. Improved rendering ... of composite charts with multiple series. Fixed clip issue with semi-broken tables. Fixed draw order of wrapped ... Leer más

  9. Notas de la versión: Improves handling of decimal tab alignment in cells. Added API to set chart axis properties. ... dynamically set chart axis titles. Improved handling of decimal tab alignment in cells. Improved text wrapping ... Leer más

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    Descripción: Present up-to-date, interactive reports about your company's performance. Chart Plus helps ... business decisions. Create and share SharePoint charts and dashboards in minutes, using real-time data ... and interactive elements. Interactive Charts - Chart Plus comes with powerful and interactive charts ... Leer más Mostrar más resultados de este producto

  11. Notas de la versión: Adds support for alternate server time formats. Consolidated release notes and file versioning. Updated install.ps1 to include deployment to specific web applications. Updated install.ps1/uninstall.ps1 to support alternate server time formats. ... Leer más

  12. Notas de la versión: and Export options on the Actions menu do not work. Chart is not sized properly to fit the web part zone. ... Leer más

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    Descripción: Create and share organization charts in SharePoint. SharePoint Org Chart is a Web part which ... allows you to easily create, search, navigate and display organisation charts in SharePoint. It is quick ... to install, easy to configure and simple to use. SharePoint Org Chart Features Simple to Configure - ... Leer más Mostrar más resultados de este producto

  14. Notas de la versión: Adds support for SharePoint 2016. Adds support for SharePoint 2016. ... Leer más

  15. Licenciamiento: The SharePoint Org Chart is licensed under the following terms: Single Enterprise - The SharePoint ... Org Chart is licensed on a perpetual basis to an individual enterprise or legal entity. Run-time ... Leer más

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    Descripción: of your project plan when you add it directly to the intuitive Gantt chart or take advantage of MS Project ... and accomplish more. Tasks - The interactive Gantt chart provides you with a clear, uncomplicated picture of your ... portfolio's performance with predefined reports and dashboards. Concise views and charts let you instantly ... Leer más

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    Descripción: tasks. Administrators can generate custom reports for all workflows, complete with charts and summaries, ... Leer más

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    Descripción: Additional reporting options such as hide or show charts and filter data to show in the reports. Additional ... Leer más

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    Descripción: the status of task schedules using customizable indicators. Show the task grid, the Gantt chart, or both. Use ... Leer más