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    Funciones: Teechart Pro VCL includes Chart and Series - Choose from these Series types to build your Charts ... . You may mix different Series types on the same Chart and choose to display in 2D or 3D: Line (Tape, ... Momentum, Curve Fitting (Polynomial) Data aware: teeChart Pro will connect via the Chart Editor or by code ... Leer más Mostrar más resultados de este producto

  2. Novedades: with the intention to make it easier for our users to create visually appealing charts. New Built-in Chart Themes - ... The AxisScrollerTool provides a Scroller Bar adjacent to the Chart Axis to which it is associated. What's New ... to True. (Pie,Donut,etc) New TPieSeries.PieMarks.InsideSlice boolean property (default False). Custom chart ... Leer más

  3. Notas de la versión: Updates in 2014 Full RAD Studio XE6 support including C++Builder Android support. ... Leer más

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    Descripción: for VCL & FMX A rich charting component library offering hundreds of graph styles in 2D and 3D ... features charting, reporting, grids, UI controls, debugging, analytics and IoT components and tools ... in a single cost effective solution. It includes Steema TeeChart Professional charting library, Fast Report ... Leer más Mostrar más resultados de este producto

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    Funciones: TeeBI provides an array of chart types, grids and customization options to easily create beautiful ... sources and types. Plugin your own favorite Chart & Grid or use Steema's own BIGrid ... Leer más Mostrar más resultados de este producto

  8. Descripción: To this data you can make links, view in Chart, Grid or Tree formats or create triggers to bulletin data ... Visualization Data visualization for grid and Chart display. Chart display supports multi-tier/dimensionality. ... Leer más

  9. Funciones: Integrations with the "R" Language and Python's frameworks provide an easy way to use TeeBI data with statistical and machine-learning algorithms and perform statistical and predictive analysis to help identify patterns and trends. ... Leer más

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    Descripción: Separate tabs "report design", "data" and "code" Objects: shape, charts ... Leer más Mostrar más resultados de este producto

  11. Notas de la versión: Updates in 2.1 QR barcodes. Utility for fast package recompilation. Supports TeeChart Standard Edition. Fixed error causing designer to crash OSX applications. Fixed problems with context menus under OSX. ... Leer más

  12. Notas de la versión: Updates in 2.0.7 Embarcadero RAD Studio XE5 support (iOS not supported). PDF export including font embedding, links and outlines. FireDac internal components added. TeeChart Pro package support. Font editor dialog added. ... Leer más