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  6. Informe de cliente: I highly recommend the XtraReports reporting tool. I found it much easier to develop with compared ... to Crystal Reports; not to mention that it has more features than the Crystal Reports that is provided ... with VS 2003. XtraReports can be used to build static reports or to build reports dynamically. It includes ... Leer más

  7. Informe de cliente: reports. Support is great and the tutorials/demo are helpful. I have also played with creating run-time ... report which is easy to design. Keep up the good work cmehta [USA] 5 ... Leer más

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  9. Informe de cliente: appeared in a report so we knew that Aspose would offer us a level of control we couldn’t get from our ... Leer más

  10. Informe de cliente: things with a massive reporting system that publishes automatically to a client website that would have ... taken us weeks to develop ourselves. This reporting system creates a very complex and large set ... Leer más

  11. Descripción: filled in, and the reporting engine takes care of the rest. This kind of report isn't available in ... Reporting Tools - ActiveReports helps you preserve your past investments with easy report conversion from ... Features Multiple Report Types to Fit Your Reporting Needs ActiveReports's new Fixed Page Layout ... Leer más Mostrar más resultados de este producto

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  14. Funciones: Compatible with the Microsoft Access and Crystal Models, C1Report supports powerful ... and easy-to-use banded reports. With the click of a button, you can import Access report files (MDB) and Crystal ... report files (RPT) using the C1ReportDesigner. Report Viewer Embed customizable viewers into HTML5, WPF, ... Leer más Mostrar más resultados de este producto

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  16. Notas de la versión: Updates in 2010 v3 The key new feature this release is reporting. ComponentOne have broken ... controls: C1ReportViewer and C1PdfViewer. You can now display your SSRS reports to end-users in a rich ... C1ReportViewer to display HTML and PDF-based reports from virtually any report generator such as Microsoft ... Leer más

  17. Notas de la versión: IDEA 2018.1 reports unnecessary import alias for Groovy files. This new warning also works on static ... Leer más Mostrar más resultados de este producto

  18. Notas de la versión: when alternative JRE is enabled. Spring Spring: Field Injection Warning inspection doesn't report ... Leer más

  19. Notas de la versión: Expressions using constants are not reported as always false. Java. Intention Actions Missing parentheses ... Leer más

  20. Funciones: XtraReports is an award-winning banded report designer and viewer for ASP.NET AJAX and MVC. ... The XtraReports Suite is a no-compromise reporting platform and includes native integration with DevExpress ... Leer más Mostrar más resultados de este producto

  21. Descripción: have been fully optimized for the ASP.NET WebForms platform: reporting and printing, charting, grid and ... Controls including: ASP.NET Reporting XtraReports Suite The XtraReports Suite is a.NET reporting platform ... delivers both 2D and 3D Charts for ASP.NET, WinForms and the DevExpress Reporting Platform.  With well over ... Leer más

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  23. Notas de la versión: not be available for a merged report. DocumentPreviewControl operates very slowly with a large amount of data. ... End-User Report Designer - The 'Design in Report Wizard' command activates a background window ... (cross-threading issue). Localization - Some strings in Report Explorer and in the 'Group and Sort' panel ... Leer más Mostrar más resultados de este producto

  24. Notas de la versión: the 'dx' namespace mapping definition. XtraReports Suite A report does not have a data source after loading ... a report layout from the file storage. End-User Report Designer - ... The 'System.NullReferenceException' is thrown when closing a sub report's 'Parameter Bindings' dialog. End-User Report ... Leer más

  25. Notas de la versión: WPF Demos Correct typos in the "Stock Trader" demo code. XtraReports Suite A report ... sections. End-User Report Designer - A smart tag's popup menu is not closed when clicking the smart tag ... to close it. End-User Report Designer - The XRCrossBandLine can be located in the left document margin. ... Leer más

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    Notas de la versión: Adds numerous new features and enhancements for XSLT development. DITA Report Unreferenced Key ... to report key definitions that are not referenced. Report Unreferenced Reusable Elements - You can now ... select an option in the DITA Map Validate and Check for Completeness to report potential reusable ... Leer más Mostrar más resultados de este producto

  27. Notas de la versión: made to the table structure validation in DITA. For example, additional errors are reported when cells ... dialog box that reports multiple key definitions with the same key name. This is helpful in cases when ... Leer más

  28. Notas de la versión: a new option, called "Report references to resources outside of the DITA map folder" ... reporting of Saxon 9.7 to improve the error localization inside XPath expressions. Improved Refactoring ... Leer más