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    Descripción: Automated, fast and accurate testing of paged PDF output. Antenna House Regression Testing System (AHRTS) is an automated system for testing publications, graphics, business documents and virtually any paged PDF output from any software. It compares the ... Leer más

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    Descripción: Simplify client access to AH Formatter Server via the internet. Web Interface for Formatter sends XML files and stylesheets to your AH Formatter Server instance and receives back a PDF document. It includes a Folder Monitoring Service that allows you to ... Leer más

  3. Descripción: A design program which allows you to transform XML files into reports and forms with XSL-FO. Antenna House XSL Report Designer V2.0 is two software products in one. First, it's a design program that greatly simplifies the creation of your complex XML ... Leer más