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  1. Descripción: Cree aplicaciones con una interfaz de usuario similar a Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visual Studio y otros productos muy conocidos. BCGControlBar Library Professional (BCGControlBar Pro MFC) is an MFC extension library with more than 300 well designed, ... Leer más

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    Descripción: Advanced edit control with syntax highlighting, color blocks, IntelliSense, markers, symbol support, drag/drop support, undo/redo support and more. BCGPEdit (BCGSoft Professional Editor) is an MFC extension library for incorporating an advanced edit ... Leer más

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    Descripción: A suite of more than 100 thoroughly designed, tested and fully documented MFC extension classes. BCGSuite for MFC includes a Grid and Report controls, Chart, Gauges, Planner (outlook style calendar), Gantt Control, Advanced Edit Control with IntelliSense, ... Leer más