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  1. $$$$$ | Compra

    Descripción: A SQL-based replacement for Visual SourceSafe. SourceAnywhere is a SQL-based source control/version control tool designed to be a replacement for Microsoft Visual SourceSafe. SourceAnywhere stores source control/version control files and history in ... Leer más

  2. Descripción: An error handling component for Microsoft Visual Studio. Softgroup .NET Error Object is a powerful error reporting and handling solution for Microsoft Visual Studio. It displays all error details including Inner Exception and Stack Trace info and includes ... Leer más

  3. 3. .Net MAPI Archivado

    Marca: Softgroup

    Descripción: An advanced MAPI component for your .NET applications. Softgroup .NET MAPI is a low level component for .NET that adds MAPI functionality to your applications. Softgroup .NET MAPI supports multiple MAPI sessions, read and download incoming messages with ... Leer más

  4. Descripción: Easily and securely perform subclassing and hooking of windows in your .NET applications. .Net Subclass and Hook Objects includes fast, small and lightweight wrapper classes that make subclassing and hooking windows easy and secure. Subclassing is a ... Leer más