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  1. Testimonio de cliente: DevExpress support is as superb as the products and the client loves it. Robert Waite, DevExpress User ... Leer más

  2. Testimonio de cliente: We view DevExpress as more than just a component vendor. They are an integral part of our business. Our application would not be where it is today without DevExpress. Simply the best components and support in the industry! Pete Meyer, DevExpress User ... Leer más Mostrar más resultados de este producto

  3. Testimonio de cliente: Choosing the DX package over their competitors is a no-brainer every time a decision has to be made. The quick and professional response of the DX support team is also worth mentioning, keep up the good work! Nissim Belzer, Sital Technology LTD ... Leer más

  4. Testimonio de cliente: I am at my 3rd company using DevExpress. The 1st was where I was introduced to it, and the next 2 I got the company to buy licenses. DevExpress helps sell itself to the powers that be. If you are doing any .NET development, this is the product for you. ... Leer más

  5. Testimonio de cliente: Easier to use right off the bat. I liked using the Scheduler for drag-and-drop capability. Michelle Gibson, Software Developer ... Leer más

  6. Testimonio de cliente: I can develop quite complex pages in a very short time... You make my job a lot easier. Greg Newman, NET. Developer ... Leer más

  7. Testimonio de cliente: ...when I needed an upgrade to the grid that I distribute with our software product, I found, once again, that ComponentOne went one step beyond what I expected. Brian Davis, Technical Services, Edulink ... Leer más

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    Testimonio de cliente: With Infragistics controls our developers spend less time fussing with the UI and more time focused on business logic Paul Ballard - Director of Software as a Service, British Telecom. ... Leer más

  9. Testimonio de cliente: The way the components are architected has allowed us a lot of flexibility and customization. Ferenc Molnár, Autolog, Inc. ... Leer más

  10. Testimonio de cliente: Infragistics toolset saved Alert Technologies ~20% on the overall development time & savings around £10,000 in dev costs. Kate Patterson, Managing Director, Alert Technologies Ltd. ... Leer más Mostrar más resultados de este producto

  11. Testimonio de cliente: NetAdvantage for .NET was critical in reducing development time of Epicor's Vantage ERP Solution by 25%. Tony Wilby, Senior Development Director, Epicor ... Leer más

  12. Testimonio de cliente: We use the secure TCP Client and Server components, as well as the FTP, SNMP, and Zip components and they are fantastic. Mark A. Stacy, CTO, Touchstone Technologies, Inc. ... Leer más Mostrar más resultados de este producto

  13. Testimonio de cliente: We have used /n software products for several years. Your products and support are awesome! Mark S Groves, Sr. Developer, Absolute Retail, Inc. ... Leer más

  14. Testimonio de cliente: List & Label is performant, flexible and easy to use. Klaus Mueller, Lear Corporation, Germany ... Leer más Mostrar más resultados de este producto

  15. Testimonio de cliente: I've found List & Label is a reliable and flexible tool, easy to implement, it generates labels and reports very quickly. Sergio Perris, Creative IT solutions, Argentina ... Leer más

  16. Testimonio de cliente: We love List & Label! It's a fantastic tool to create sensational reports. Alexander Kollin, KingBill, Austria ... Leer más