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  3. Informe de cliente: Used for day to day work, I've taken the opportunity to purchase the suite for myself to further improve my skill-set in DevExpress products. As a winforms developer looking to move into web in future, I cannot recommend their suite of tools or their ... Leer más

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  9. Informe de cliente: We have searched for an add-on for a windows forms application for a large customer project. The focus was on a fast grid with enhanced functionality, special gauge controls (like traffic lights and tachometer) and controls with a good look and feel in ... Leer más

  10. Informe de cliente: DeveloperExpress is exactly that, i.e. it speeds up development time. Who wants to build custom controls? I know I can do it and have done it many times. Buy why reinvent the wheel and why major in control development. Leave that to those that specialize ... Leer más Mostrar más resultados de este producto

  11. Informe de cliente: DevExpress provides an excellent set of tools and controls to enhance Microsoft Visual Studio. This review focuses on the subset of its product line devoted to ASP.NET. The DevExpress ASP.NET Controls make it possible with little or no programming to ... Leer más

  12. Informe de cliente: ASPxperience (DXperience ASP.NET): good concept, frequent updates with corrections and new functionalities. Respond well to needs of real world. R0man 5 ... Leer más

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  18. Informe de cliente: I'm an application developer focused on providing business solutions. I look for tools which will help me accomplish that task as quickly and easily as possible. I don't have time to develop the tools myself so I buy them. I fully expect to have ... Leer más Mostrar más resultados de este producto

  19. Informe de cliente: I was interesting in their product and wanted to get some questions answered. One has to question the quality of their product if after two days of my calling them they are unable to call me back. barry.grossman [USA] 1 ... Leer más

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  21. Informe de cliente: The Windows 10 controls are well documented and the DevExpress support forum is very helpful with any questions. I am satisfied with everything - from purchasing at ComponentSource to the support at DevExpress! info [Berlin, Germany] 5 ... Leer más