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    Descripción: Secure Password & Access Management for the Entire Organization. Devolutions Password Server lets you control access to privileged accounts and manage sessions through a secure solution that can be deployed on-premises. When used in combination with ... Leer más

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    Descripción: Remote connections and passwords. Everywhere. Remote Desktop Manager lets you centralize all your remote connections, passwords and credentials into a unique platform that can be securely shared between users. Drive security, speed and productivity ... Leer más

  3. Descripción: Terminal emulation, UI and business process modernization. Rumba+ is a terminal emulation solution with innovative UI modernization technology. It gives users an updated environment for accessing core applications from desktop devices. Rumba+ can quickly ... Leer más

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    Descripción: PC optimization and cleaning. CCleaner Network Professional is the ideal tool to clean all your Windows PCs and protect your privacy online. It removes unused files from your system, allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. ... Leer más

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    Descripción: Version control with defect tracking integration and build management. SourceGear Vault Professional is a version control system that gives you reliability, atomic commits, excellent remote performance, flexible security, smart branching and merging, and ... Leer más

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    Descripción: Dramatically simplify and save money on Hyper-V management. 5nine Manager Standard is an easy-to-use and cost-effective management solution for Microsoft Hyper-V. It provides most of the features of Microsoft System Center VMM that SMBs need for everyday ... Leer más

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    Descripción: Complete package of top-tier software deployment tools. IndigoRose Software Deployment Suite includes AutoPlay Media Studio, MSI Factory, Setup Factory, TrueUpdate and Visual Patch. Be prepared for any situation, and outfit your whole team with Indigo ... Leer más

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    Descripción: A compelling replacement for Visual SourceSafe. SourceGear Vault is a version control system for Windows developers, with full integration into the Visual Studio .NET environment. SourceGear Vault is implemented entirely in the .NET Framework and uses SQL ... Leer más

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    Descripción: Premier App-V package editor and administrator's companion. Application Virtualization Explorer (AVE) is an advanced all-purpose Microsoft App-V virtual application package editor and troubleshooting tool. It includes a number of exiting and advanced ... Leer más

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    Descripción: A PC audit and software inventory management solution. Total Network Inventory provides powerful tools for software inventory and license management. Windows, OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, and ESX/ESXi-based computers and servers can be scanned without ... Leer más